The campus features four major outdoor sculptures:

"In Time of Awakening," by artist Dann Nardi of Bloomington, Illinois, is a ground-hugging, elliptical, brick-colored sculpture, 90 feet long and eight feet tall at its highest point. Cast in concrete in the spring of 1989 in front of the library, it now invites interaction from passers-by.

Just south of Gage Memorial Union is "Three Cubes," 1975, a sculpture by alumnus Alfred F. Anderson of Seattle, Washington. It is a mobile piece of Corten steel, with simple, straightforward lines that complement the architectural design of Gage Memorial Union.

"The Return," 1979, a sculpture by Kristen McClintock, is located in the area between Stuart and Peterson Halls. It is made of white Colorado marble and two colors of Tennessee marble. McClintock hoped both the form and the material of the sculpture would give people a sense of their origins.

Near Dows Fine Arts Center is a 1974 tubular copper sculpture that honors Marvin Cone and Isaac Butler Smith, a graduate of Coe Academy and former member of the Board of Trustees. It was created by the late Edmund Whiting, former chairman of the Coe art department. The inspiration for the design came from the pattern of reticulated cerite.

Other sculptures by Whiting are located in the lobby of the Dows Fine Arts Center and on the Clark Alumni House patio.

Alfred F. Anderson, Three Cubes
Corten Steel, 12'h. x 8' x 5', 1975