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Rethinking the system
Early signs of success
Big-picture benefits
Pooling our resources
What's on the horizon
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  For farmers and landowners who live and work along the Iowa River, the flood of 1993 was the last straw. By mid-September of that year, total flood damage was estimated at $6.9 million. While the flood was hardly unusual -- flooding has occured along the Iowa River in 28 of the past 30 years -- it was exceptional. Over time many landowners received disaster payments and crop liabilities from the U.S. government that exceeded the total value of their land. It was clearly time for a new approach.



What the IRCP does for Iowa

Improves the quality of the water in the Iowa River.

Enhances wildlife habitat.

Reduces the financial liability of landowners and taxpayers for flood damages.

Stimulates local economies . es through improved tourism and recreational opportunities.

Renews the spirit of communities along the river.


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