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Graduate School Search Tools

  • Peterson's Education Center:Graduate and Professional Study
    This net version of the Peterson's Guide is a quick look at graduate schools. It is especially helpful if you know what field of biology you are interested in because it can give you a listing of the schools in that field. Some of the schools' reviews are linked up to their own webpages, allowing you easy access to more information on the school.

  • The WWW Virtual Library:US Biology Departments and Institutes
    Maintained at Harvard University, this site is a link to every biology department homepage. This is a great place to start a more indepth look at graduate schools.

  • Graduate School Guide
    Once you have a list of schools you are interested in, this can provide you with department heads and addresses.

  • Environmental Studies and Environmental Science Programs
    For those interested specifically in Environmental Science programs, this page provides a listing and link to many environmental programs at universities and colleges across the country. 

Faculty's Favorite Web Sites

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