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Biology is a science of amazing diversity and breadth

From the fundamental processes taking place within cells to the interactions among populations and the environment that define landscapes, all features of life interact and are together shaped by evolutionary processes.  Discovering the properties of these interacting systems is the challenge of modern biology.  We expect Coe biology students to make important contributions to our understanding of the principles and mechanisms governing life, through careers in health and medicine, genetics and cell science, or physiology, ecology and the environment.  We expect that for many, those contributions will begin here.

Our goal is for each student to learn the underlying principles and mechanisms governing genes, cells, organisms, populations and landscapes, while also developing the intellectual skills used in the experimental process.  This means that in addition to learning a great deal about what other scientists have learned about living systems, students in classes will do their own research and present their results in posters, scientific
papers and presentations. 

Our teaching areas are well-equipped to support lectures, interactive seminars, and sophisticated laboratory and field studies.  Classes are small, allowing for ample interaction among students and faculty. 



The labs are well equipped and provide all students with the opportunity to conduct independent investigations, beginning in the very first semester.

Coe's Biology Major combines breadth and depth.  Required courses provide a solid conceptual foundation on which students can build expertise by selecting elective courses in areas they find particularly interesting.  In the core courses, students learn to operate and interpret data from all of the sophisticated instrumentation that the department owns.  In elective courses, they can focus on specifics of the experimental design rather than how to run the instrument.


Required Courses:
Cellular and Molecular Biology
Introduction to Biology Laboratory
Organismal and Ecological Biology (and lab)
Experimental Human Physiology (and lab)
General Botany (and lab)
Either Organic Evolution or Topics in Evolution
Genetics (and lab)
Principles of Structural Chemistry I and II
Calculus or Statistics


Three elective courses in biology chosen from a list of 15 lab and field courses or independent study.


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