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Marine Biology

Marine Biology is an off-campus course taught at the Bahamian Field Station on San Salvador Island. The course gives students an opportunity to observe marine organisms in their natural habitats and to learn about the ecological forces at work in marine ecosystems. Every day starts with a trip to the beach and includes study of organisms on or near coral reefs. The primary field analyses focus on the dynamics of coral reefs, tidal regions, and turtle grass meadows. the course carries laboratory science credit and can be used as an elective course in biology. Instructor, Dr. Redborg.

Biology of the Seashore

Biology of the Seashore is an off-campus program offered every other year in January term. Students spend the month of January on the beaches of Dog Island in the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of northern Florida. Dr. Sandford is the instructor for this course.

Wilderness Field Station

The Wilderness Field Station is a unique summer program of biological field study in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Classes are small and personal, with no more than eight students per instructor. All courses integrate lectures and laboratory investigation with daily canoe outings in the BWCAW. Each class undertakes a 10-day canoe trip into Canada's Quetico National Park. The session runs from mid-June to mid-July. mid-July to mid-August. The deadline for 2003 applications to the program is April 15 . If you have any questions about the program contact the DirectorDr. Hadow or chat with Drs. Redborg or Sanchini.

Tropical Field Research - Costa Rica

Tropical Field Research is a spring semester program sponsered by the ACM for advanced independent work in the natural and social sciences and humanities. Students design and conduct research projects under the supervision of academic advisors who assist in all aspects of the research process, from proposal writing to field work to final writing and presentation.

Costa Rica presents unusual opportunities for students of tropical biology and ecology. Situated between North and South America, the country is home to abundant plant and animal life from both continents. It also boasts diverse climatic and ecological zones, including tropical coastal areas and rain forests, saltwater marshes, fertile farming areas, subalpine regions, mountains up to 12,000 feet and active volacanoes. Costa Rica has set aside significant territory for national parks, biological and forest reserves, and wildlife refuges.

Students spend the first four weeks in San Jose, preparing their research proposals and taking an intensive course combining study of the Spanish language and Costa Rican culture. Students spend March and April in the field and are strongly encouraged to find research sites outside San Jose. A month-long period in the city concludes the semester. During that time, students complete their research papers in consultation with their advisors and formally present the results to the group.

The program will be run from February to May in Spring term. Application deadlines are March 15 for regular decision and November 1 for late decision. Dr. Hadow is the campus representative for this program. He has taught in the program in the past and recently placed three biology majors in the program. Contact him for an application or to discuss the program with him.

Oak Ridge Science Semester

Oak Ridge is an off-campus study program in Oak Ridge, Tennesse for the fall semester. The ACM Oak Ridge Science Semester enables students to join on-going investigations at ORNL and to use the sophisticated resources available at the Laboratory. The applications of accepted students are sent to one of more research groups whose interests are similar to those of the student. Students devote most of their time to the research, with a scientist from the ORNL staff serving as a mentor.

The program runs from August-December in the Fall term. Application deadline for this program is January 20. Consult Dr. Martin St. Clair for an application and any questions you may have.

Washington Term

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