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A Four Year Planning Guide

First and Second Year Students

  • Plan when you will take courses to prepare you for the MCAT (medical college admissions test) or DAT (dental apptitude test). Your minimum preparation should include one year of biology, chemistry, basic or general physics, and one semester of college math.
  • Select a concentration that is interesting to you.
  • Take a course in writing and literature.
  • Find out as much as you can about a medical career. There are a number of excellent medically-oriented web pages.
  • Get to know your personal advisor. Tom Tauer from the Biology department or Maria Dean from the Chemistry Department will be happy to assist you.

Third Year Students

  • Complete the courses that prepare you for the MCAT and DAT. Get information that will help to prepare you for the application process. Some helpful websites are:
  • Consider a health-science internship in Winter Term.
  • In February, obtain a registration packet from your pre-professional advisor for the MCAT or DAT.
  • Submit the registration form. There is usually a March deadline.
  • Take the MCAT or DAT. The tests are offered in the spring. Watch bulletin boards for dates.
  • Pick up AMCAS, AACOMAS application packets from your
    pre-med advisor and complete the forms. Both the
    AMCAS and the AACOMAS can be done online.
  • Consult with your advisor about the number and kinds of schools which to apply. Examine helpful webpages on the Internet. Find out what your peers think.

Fourth Year Students

  • The MCAT is offered in late summer.
  • Notice of schools' decisions regarding applicants are made from October (early decision) into August.

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