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Summer Field Study In One Of North America's Most Remote Wilderness Areas

The Wilderness Field Station program can add a challenging and exciting dimension to your Coe biology major. These academically rigorous courses offer opportunities to study biology on the lakes, shores and portage paths of the largest wilderness preserve system in North America. Classes are small with no more than eight students per instructor.

All courses integrate lectures and laboratory investigation with wilderness field work and a 10-day canoe trip. Most courses include an intensive individual research component and paper.

The field station campus is located on Low Lake in the Superior National Forest, about five miles north of Ely Minnesota. Surrounded by forest and wetland communities of various ages, the field station provides an ideal location for holistic study of the boreal ecosystem. The program builds basic field skills enabling students to read fire and logging history from plant distribution. With these skills in hand, classes use the Range River to access more remote and pristine areas within the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and continue their specific studies. The highlight of the session is a canoe/camping trip into Quetico Provincial Park in Canada.

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