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Intensive ESL Homestay Weekend

Coe ESL's homestay weekend introduces students into the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City community. Our homestay program is a great way to meet local families and experience American culture.

Students go one Fall Term weekend singly or in pairs to live with a family in the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City community.

Relationships with the host family sometimes continue throughout the year, depending on the wishes and sch edules of the hosts and the students.

Our host families are volunteers, interested friends and members of the Coe College Community. Our volunteers provide meals, egage in conversation and family activites with the students.

Recent comments from students include:

  • My best experience is absolutely visiting this host family. I wanted to stay with them more!!!
  • It is excellent. I can know many things including cultural differences which I can't know through class.
  • I'm really glad that I could be good friends with them. They are so nice.
  • I was healed by their warm hospitality.
  • It was a good experience. I'd like to keep in touch with them.
  • They took me many places, church, festival of American life, and they're so kind.