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Joanna Shaver

I have enjoyed teaching Intensive ESL students at Coe College for 25 years and recently working with TSA students, too. I taught French to Americans in Indiana and North Carolina and German to Iowans in Austria before coming to Coe. I like teaching here because our campus is friendly and it’s easy for everyone to get to know each other well as we work together inside and outside class, participate in campus events (such as the International Club Culture Show) or chat in a nearby coffee shop. Also, through its frequent and free cultural, artistic, and educational presentations outside of classes, Coe offers us all many chances to learn new things outside our major or profession. This is a real benefit to all members of the Coe community, and you’ll appreciate that too. Moreover, I’ve found peaceful spirit-refreshment at Coe. Two of my favorite places to pause for a mini-retreat are the fountain in front of the Racquet Center and the oversize books room on the second floor of the Library. You will find favorite places, too. Welcome to Coe College!


  • B.A., French, Indiana University
  • M.A., Linguistics, University of Iowa

Classes Taught:

  • University Reading
  • Academic Writing
  • Academic Skills
  • Reading-Writing Workshop
  • Folktale Theater, Discussion


  • Reading (especially history and mystery)
  • Walking
  • Writing
  • Adult education (religion, mental health issues)