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Theme Multicultural Studies
Fall Term 2008

Group 1: (Students with TOEFL scores under 510 and Coe Writing Placement scores of 7 or lower)

  1. Oral Presentation - ESL credit - small class of 8 or 9 students
  2. Rhetoric: Midwest American Culture - Coe credit - TSA & Writing Center students
  3. Reading/Writing Workshop - Coe credit - small class of 9 or 10 students
  4. Accent Modification - ESL credit - TSA students only
  5. TSA Seminar - Communication Core - ESL credit - opportunities for interaction with local students & residents
  6. Partial credit courses(s) in music or physical education - Coe credit

Group 2: (Students with TOEFL scores over 510 and Coe Writing Placement scores of 7 or higher)

  1. One credit course in the department of the student's choice
    (plus B,C,D,E, and F as described above)


Spring Term 2009

Group 1: (based on student achievement in Fall Term courses and English proficiency testing scores)

  1. Seminar in Writing - Coe credit - small class
  2. 2 credit courses in departments of choice - Coe credit - ESL support available
  3. Partial credit courses in physical education and music - Coe credit
  4. TSA Seminar with individualized instruction - classes of 1 or 2 students - ESL credit

Group 2: (Students who succeeded in their Fall Term classes)

  1. 3 credit courses in departments of choice - Coe credit - local students
  2. Partial credit courses in physical education and music - Coe credit - 90% local


May Term 2009

May Term is an optional course for students. A limited number of classes are offered both on-campus and off-campus. There is no charge for an on-campus May Term class; however, an off-campus class will have a program fee. Only 10% of Coe regular students take a May Term class. A place in a May Term class is not guaranteed.

Course Descriptions: Fall Term 2008

A. Oral Presentation in Multicultural Studies: This is a seminar (with about 8-9 students) taught by E.S.L. instructors for students at an advanced level, with opportunities to improve fluency in extended discourse, use appropriate grammatical structures in communication, and give oral presentations using PowerPoint. Topics in international relations, culture, gender, race and ethnicity will be explored.

(3 days a week – ESL credit)

B. Rhetoric: Midwest American Culture: In addition to all TSA students, thirty percent of the students in the class will be American students from the Writing Center who will work with the TSA students in discussion groups.

(3 days a week + one travel/writing laboratory of 3 hours/week – Coe credit)

C. Academic Reading/Writing Workshop in Multicultural Studies: This is an academic writing class in which 9 to 10 students will gather information, write in a variety of rhetorical forms, document sources, use the Coe Writing Center, compile a portfolio and contribute to a program magazine. Students will read fairly extensively on topics of race, culture, class, ethnicity, gender, and national identity. Some American students will participate in this class as writing and discussion partners. (5 days a week – Coe credit)

D. Core Communication & Cultural Class (TSA Seminar): In a large group, students will meet once a week throughout the Fall Term and analyze their interactive cultural experiences. Inside the classroom, students will a) focus on their own hopes, experiences, and learning processes; b) engage in intercultural dialogue and reflection; c) learn to understand group processes, leadership skills, and participation styles; d) learn to deal with American academic culture (including class visits, selecting Spring classes, and locating assisstance)

Spring 2009

In the Spring Term, based on their achievement in Fall Term classes and proficiency tests, students who need continuing support in developing English language skills will take Seminar in Writing as well as 2 regular courses. Students who have demonstrated proficiency in reading and writing will be allowed to take 3 regular courses in the departments of their choice plus partial credit courses in music or sports.

Some courses taken by previous TSA students in the Spring Term are the following:

History of the U.S.
Deviant Behavior (Sociology)
Introduction to Public Speaking
19th Century Art
Cultural Anthropology
Inquiry & persuasion (Rhetoric)
Introduction to Politics
Intercultural Communication
Professional Writing
Women's Literature
The Essay
Digital Art
Educational Foundations
International Law
Principles of Management
Management Science
Statistical Reasoning
Introduction to Sociology
Human Sexuality
International Development
Introduction to Psychology
Environmental Studies
Asian History
Computers in Business
Introduction to Film
Creative Writing
Introduction to Gender Studies
Concert Choir
Women’s Chorale
Religion & Politics