Compared to other instrumental topics, there are relatively few published experiments in voltammetry.  However, there are some out there - both in the chemical education literature and published directly on the Web.  The classification into subdisciplines (Inorganic, Physical, Analytical, Biochem and Organic) below are somewhat arbitrary, but may narrow your search .  Technique-specific articles, as well as those focusing on instrumentation, are classified as "analytical".  The Journal of Chemical Education database was searched with the terms "voltammetry", "poloragraphy", and "electrodes" in May of 2011 to generate the list below.  (The complete table of contents of the Chemical Educator was also searched in May of 2011.)  If you would like to suggest additional publications, please contact me at mstclair@coe.edu.

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Instrument Construction

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A collection of electrochemical experiments has been compiled by the Royal Australian Chemistry Institute's Electochemistry Division.  It is available for purchase from the divisional secretary.


A convenient source of information on electrochemistry texts and monographs is the Journal of Chemical Education's Chemical Education Resource Shelf on electrochemistry.

Please send comments, criticisms, and suggestions to Marty St. Clair, Professor of Chemistry, Coe College (mstclair@coe.edu).


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