Electrochemical Equipment

As is apparent from the list below, there are many suppliers of potentiostats and related electrochemical equipment.  I have listed the companies I am most familiar with first; they are simply the most widely available systems in the US in academic circles.  Many of these sites also have some interesting applications-related information and sample data.  Although dated, a review in Analytical Chemistry of potentiostats may be useful in evaluating different instruments.

EG&G - Princeton Applied Research - the gold standard for research equipment
Bioanalytical Systems - nice software, as well as a variety of price levels (and on-line pricing!)
Pine - interesting USB powered/controlled potentiostats and dispo screen printed electrodes

Sycopel Scientific

CH Instruments





Amel Instruments

Metrohm Autolab


ACM Instruments


 Analytical Instrument Systems


Bank Elektronik

 Trace Detect

BioLogic DropSens eDaq



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