The classic reference is Bard and Faulkner's text, Electrochemical Methods: Fundamentals and ApplicationsIf you're looking for a "friendlier" introduction to the field, take a look at Faulkner's chapter titled "Electrochemical Characterization of Chemical Systems" in Volume 3 of Physical Methods in Modern Chemical Analysis (Academic Press, 1983).  It is "designed to introduce the principles of electrochemical measurement to scientists who suspect that these approaches might be useful but know little about them."  There are many textbooks available on various aspects of electrochemistry; the Journal of Chemical Education has a compilation on their Web site.

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Analytical Chemistry A-Pages (and Analytical Scene)

The A-pages of Analytical Chemistry are an excellent source of readable introductions to specific electrochemical areas.  To some extent, they have been replaced by the new section, Analytical Scene.  If you have a Web subscription, the links below will take you directly to the articles.

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