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Stanley Vesley

The Coe College Band dates back to 1900 and it was the first Coe musical organization. The Coe Band is well known for its travels and for memorable concerts played in famous places.

The Coe College Band rose to national prominence under the direction of Professor Stanley Vesely, an aggressive and capable musician. He was appointed director in 1926 and his ROTC miliatary band marched in seven presidential inaugural parades,  beginning with Hoover's inaugural in 1929 through Kennedy inaugural in 1960. In 1933 the band was awarded first place among inaugural participants and also represented Iowa at the Century of Progress exhibition in Chicago. In 1937 the band's music was carried on both national radio networks from Washington, D. C.

The highlight of Vesley's band program each year was a Palm Sunday concert in Chicago's Orchestra Hall, the culmination of a Midwest Spring Tour.

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