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Archibald MacDonald "Don" Chilcote

Cosmos Article:  16 Oct '52 

Reprints Chilcote's homecoming cartoon:  for Coe's third homecoming

Archibald MacDonald "Don" Chilcote

[Most of article on homecomings back in those days:  mass meetings (pep rallies), bon fires (flames reach several stories).  Coe’s band first appeared at 1913 Homecoming; but later they hired the National Guard band:  played all day for a dollar and free passes to the game.]

On Chilcote:  after graduating, he enlisted in army; discharged as second lieutenant in 1919.  Worked for Hearts newspaper chain, art department.  Then for 20 years a cartoonist and caricaturist for the Chicago Evening American.  He was art director when American merged with the Hearld and Examiner to form Chicago Herald Examiner.

In 1941 Chilcote became editorial art director for the Chicago Sun; kept same position after merger and creation of the Chicago Sun-Times.  He created the comic character “Handy Andy.”

1947:  he had to quit work because of partial blindness caused by brain tumor.  He died on 18 Oct ’48 at age of 56.  His widow is Goldie Armstrong Chilcote, Coe grad in 1915.

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