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The First Coe/Cornell Football Game - December 1891

A detailed account of how our foot ball team played foot ball or rather how they didn't play the Cornell boys would be something interesting to many of our readers at this late date. Yet we are sure we went to Mt. Vernon. We know we did because we could not possibly get so much yellow clay on our nice white suits at any other spot on earth than at Mt. Vernon. Then too we are quite certain we played foot-ball. If not why these limps, why this down cast countenance? Yet we are quite sure we went to Mt. Vernon and that we played foot ball too, at least rumor says:

Our foot ball team went to Cornell on Nov. 21, to encounter that college team on their grounds. The grounds were muddy and the day damp and cold but the boys were undaunted, but not undauntable.

The regular team could not be informed in time to be at the train, so green men were hastily drafted to go as subs. Our boys put up a good individual game, but had practiced too little to do efficient team work. The Cornell team out weighed and outran us and scored 18 touchdowns while our boys simply ended as they began with a 0. Some of Coe's team braced up toward the last and although far lighter than their opponents, succeed in keeping the pig skin away from their goal. For the last twenty minutes the teams played even, neither being able to gain a foot Our faults were slow passing, slow running and too little team work. Although our opponents obtained such a large score we are not discouraged. The boys all came out of the game fresh, and ready for another. The Cornell team acted like gentlemen and we shall be glad to meet them again. Next time we will have more experience and be able to put up a better game. The score stood 82 to 0 in favor of Cornell, yet if Umpire Wheeler had used any judgment whatever in his decision, the score could not have possibly reached that place. How bad, how pitiable, how unfortunate that the people do not know of Wheeler's ability and fair judgment. Did they, Wheeler would be elected next President of the United States by acclamation.

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