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Point-a-Minute Football Team of 1914

The Coe College football team has won many games in the 105-year history of the program, and there have been many outstanding players and coaches. But the most memorable team in Coe's history is the Point-A-Minute football team of 1914. ".. .In the 5 Iowa Conference Championship games the Crimson and Gold actually maintained an average of a trifle over a point a minute throughout the twenty quarters of play."

This famous team was coached by Moray Eby, whom the Eby field house was named in honor of. During his career, his teams battled such formidable forces such as Notre Dame, Illinois, and Wisconsin. However, the team of 1914 did not have many men to participate; the varsity team was comprised of only 22 men, lead by Glenn "Straw" Bailey, who gained 355 yards in only six plays during one game.

Coe opened the 1914 season with a modest 17-0 victory over Parsons. Their next game was a 27-6 loss to Iowa State followed by victories over Monmouth and Simpson. But what about the big scores? They soon followed, but first, Coach Eby had some changes to make. After these first few games, he made modest adjustments in the line-up and defense, but these changes are only a part of the formula that made the winning team. Other factors include the shortcomings of other teams in the conference, as well as the "wealth of speedy reserve players" on Coe's squad. While the Point-A-Minute team did not hold all of their opponents scoreless, they were without dispute the champions of the Iowa Conference.

Coe went on to beat Leander Clark 52-0 and then routed Grinnell 85-0. In the next game Coach Eby's team annihilated Highland Park College of Des Moines 115-0. These victories were even more impressive in 1914 than they are now, given that in those days, football was not the high scoring game that it is now.

People that are still alive to remember the greatness of the 1914 team will no doubt tell you that the greatest Coe college football team that ever played was the Point-a-Minute team of 1914. There was Glenn Bailey, the captain, who played left halfback, and ". . . overlooked a broken arm, two decapitated hip bones and a dislocated shoulder" to help lead his teammates to victory. Another notable player was Wykoff, the full back known for his athleticism. "He has weight, speed and drive and on defense meets a play accurately and aggressively." There was the right tackle, Novak, known on the field and off for his leadership, and was rightly elected the captain of the 1915 squad.

The final game of the year was against Coe's rival, Cornell. Eby's team came up with yet another victory, winning the contest 19-7. This victory also gave them the Iowa championship and would later earn them their Point-a-Minute title. Coe scored 330 points to their opponents' measly 43. The December 8, 1914 Cosmos coverage of the game has this to say: "Thus closed a football season that may well be remembered by the Coe students as on well worth the remembering. These deeds of Coach Eby' s heroes will go down in Coe's history... "


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