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Cheers of the Past

November 7, 1911 editorial

"On Friday morning the football blankets were given out at the close of chapel, and a number of yells were given out for the donors, and for the team. There has been no little discussion and some criticism regarding the continuance of the custom in our new chapel. As far as we are able to judge the college yells given in the proper spirit at the close of the service are not adverse to the best teachings we have received. These diversions should be held, however, until the close of the devotional portion, as has always been the wish of our president. Furthermore, the yelling should be limited to the Coe `rahs,' and should not be indulged in by any organization."

Cheers of the Past

With all the athletics taking place in the early years of Coe, it should be no surprise that a number of yells and cheers have been recorded and saved. Many classes had their own cheer, and the literary societies were known for their raucous yells as well. Retrieved from the 1914 Acorn and Erik Eriksson's History of Coe College, 1851-1931, a brief sampling is included here.


The Class of 1913
(the group who donated the first Victory bell to Coe)
"Go-zip, Go-zah, Go-zolly, Go-zeen,
Kickem up, kickem up, lickem up clean;
Sis boom, sis boom, sis boom gee,
C-O, C-O, C-O-E,
Zip la, Rip la, Zip la reen,
Seniors! Seniors! Coe Thirteen!"


The Class of 1915
(led by class president and football player Glenn Bailey)
"Skin 'em alive,
Skin 'em alive


 The Alpha Nu Literary Society
(this cheer is how they ended their meetings)
"Hi, hi, tiger--i!
Hoo, rah, hoo!
Siss, boom, zigera!
Alpha Nu!"


The Olio Literary Society
"Razzle, dazzle,
Hobble, gobble,
Ziss, Boom, Ah!"


The Jesup Literary Society
Hullabaloo, Kanuck, Kanuck!
Hullabaloo, Kanuck, Kanuck!
Hooray! hooray!
Jesup! Jesup! Rah! Rah! Rah!


The Sinclair Literary Society
(the first women's literary society at Coe)
Iowa! C-O-E! Sinclair!
Iowa! C-O-E! Sinclair!


It should be noted that no other ladies' society made up a cheer; they instead opted for songs or poems about their particular society. Although these cheers may seem merely silly or pointless, they did serve the important purpose of uniting each of these groups, as well as supporting the athletes and orators for whom they were yelled. 

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