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The Kohawk

What exactly is a Kohawk? 

In 1922, Coe's athletic counsel set out to find a name for the Coe College's sports teams. A contest was held, and the prize was to be a Coe blanket.  More than 600 entries were submitted. Nominated animals included the Zebras, Chipmunks, Kangaroos, and Collies. In the non-animal category were the Nut Crackers, Cereal Eaters, Fighting Pacemakers, Pork Choppers, and Bacon Getters.   From all these marvelous suggestions, three nominations were submitted for a vote from the student body:  the Trojans, the Rangers, and the Ramblers.  Unfortunately for those seeking to win the Coe blanket, the students rejected all three candidates.  It looked like the Coe teams would continue without a mascot name.

It was a member of the faculty, Professor C.W. Perkins, who came up with the idea of the Kohawk. He wrote a letter to the Coe Cosmos with his suggestion, explaining that the "Hawk" stood for Iowa, the Hawkeye state, and that "Ko," spelled K-O, meant "like the" in an Indian language.  So the nickname Kohawk would mean "like the hawk."  Of course it also helped that "Ko" also sounded a lot like Coe.

Students and faculty immediately adopted the name, and since the fall of 1922, it has been the fighting Kohawks of Coe College.  It is not known if Professor Perkins was awarded the Coe blanket for his suggestion.


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