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The Bobbed Hair Scandal

One Coe Woman in Eleven Has Adopted Latest Fad
[from the Cosmos, 12 May 1922]

"Thirty-three out of 364, or about nine per cent of the women in Coe, now have their hair bobbed.  Six seniors, two juniors, three sophomores, and twenty-two freshmen make up the list of those who have parted with the long tresses.  Metropolitan dailies, humorous magazines, and university papers have discussed this matter pro and con for three years and some large corporations have refused to hire any girls with short hair, while other firms commended them for being practical and business-like.

"Since six bobbed girls are being graduated from Coe this year, and since the style shows no sign of growing into a decline on the campus we may well ponder a bit on the psychology of this fashion.  Some of them wear it up one day and down the next; as one faculty woman remarked, 'One day they have it and the next day they don't.'

Critics of bobbed hair see it as just going along with the crowd.  Some students are active proponents for bobbed hair and try to convince their friends to go along with the new look. The room mate of one freshman girl said:  'Well, she has bobbed four of them now, and I am almost afraid to go to sleep at night for fear I will wake up and find mine gone too.  She has cut-o-mania."

One girl said she cut hers so it would grow longer and thicker; another said she would never go back to long hair. One major argument in favor of bobbed hair is that it saves valuable time.

"We can only hope that those who like it will not grow too weary of it, and that those who do not may in time become converted to this movement for the emancipation of the femine world from the tyranny of perishable hair-nets and so-called invisible pins."

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