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Coe College: An Informal History 1851-1941

Coe College 1851-1901: A thesis by Grace Hartzell Douma

Coe College: The Critical Period Under President James Marshall 1887-1896

Dr. Charles T. Hickok: His Love Affair with Coe

The Four Lamb Brothers of Coe College

A Venture of Faith: Harry Morehouse Gage and the Gage Years at Coe


A Venture of Faith

A Venture of Faith concerns Harry Morehouse Gage and the Gage years at Coe.  It was written by Reginald K. Watters, '30.  It was published by the Coe College Development Office in 1977.  It was Watters hope to "in a small way make it possible for future generations of Coe men and women to know something of this remarkable man for whom their student union is named."  For full text, click here.

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