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Coe College: An Informal History 1851-1941

In December of 1951, The Coe College Courier produced a centennial edition.  Grace Hartzell Douma and Catherine Covert Stepanek chose to cover the years from 1851-1941. 

An excerpt:
"Lights gleamed from Williston Hall through the October dusk, outlining a group of portly figures picking their way through the campus sandburrs.

Velvet-collared gentlemen of means, these, and well aware of their roles as Cedar Rapids' leading citizens.  It was no light matter, giving up a comfortable evening at home for the struggling college on the edge of town, but they were frankly intrigued.  The president of Coe had promised dinner and an announcement of importance to the whole community.

President Samuel B. McCormick, the past few years had clearly shown, was not a person to make light promises.  The city fathers knew an astute businessman when they saw one, and they had heard rumors of a large gift he had recently obtained for the college.  So this October 1 of 1901 found them hurrying up the boardwalk to find out what he had in mind."

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