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Dr. Charles T. Hickok

His Love Affair with Coe

Dr. Charles T. Hickok: His Love Affair with Coe is an informal biography Dr. Charles T. Hickok, written by his daughter, Eliza Merrill "Roby" Hickok Kesler '31.  This biography was published by the Development Office of Coe College in 1980. 

"A college like Coe carries from generation to generation the imprint of strong personalities that mold the character and attitudes and establish the quality of the institution.

One such unforgettable figure in Coe's history was Professor Charles T. Hickok.  He came to Coe in 1905, and even though he retired formally in 1940, he kept right on working for Coe until his death in 1958."

This biography enlightens the reader on the profound influence Hickok had over Coe College.

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