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The Four Lamb Brothers of Coe College

"These are the recollections of Harris Lamb '27 about his own days as student, coach, and alumni director at Coe College, as well as the careers of his brothers, Willis '27, Clyde '23, and Ray '23, as students and coaches at Coe and Elsewhere.  The Lambs are a significant segment of Coe tradition and lore.  When tales of the "old days" are told, there's bound to be a Lamb mentioned before the last yarn has been spun...

It falls to Harris Lamb to tell the family history because in terms of years, he spent the most time at Coe.  As a student he was an athletic standout.  As a coach he was colorful and energetic.  As Coe's alumni director he united the graduates and former students into a loyal, supportive organization that is the envy of many colleges similar to his beloved Coe."

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