University of Landau Our partner school in D-land


IBIS A great place to buy German books online. Honest, fast, helpful, and you only pay domestic shipping!

Projekt Gutenberg Full text online source to tons of German literature, mostly 19th-c. and before

Radio, TV, Music

Deutsche Welle The German NPR: Watch German news broadcasts, listen to radio news

Tagesschau Watch video of German news stories

Info-Radio Berlin Listen to the traffic report for Berlin!

Radio Goethe Weekly radio show of German pop, mostly (but not all) of the Rammstein variety

Magazines and Newspapers

Die TAZ Berlin's Tageszeitung is a great read

Sueddeutsche Zeitung An excellent German daily

Lists of German Sites

Gallaudet's German Links A nice, well-organized site that seems quite up to date

U Toledo's German Links Worth visiting

Andreas Lixl-Purcell's German WWW Trails Despite increasing numbers of dead links, it still may take you worthwhile places