Regardless of your major, Coe's liberal arts emphasis requires every student to fulfil specific writing requirements. On this page you'll find information on:

Coe's Writing Programs: Find out the specific writing requirements students must fulfil in order to graduate.

Guides For Writing Papers: Learn how to write an argumentative essay, movie review, resume, honors thesis, or other specialized types of papers.

Sample Papers: Look at papers that Coe students have written for various courses with faculty comments on student writing.

Style & Usage: Learn how to deal with topics like plagiarism, frequently mispelled words, and common grammar mistakes.

Documentation MLA, APA, Chicago etc.: Learn how to properly cite sources in academic writing.

Coe Writing Center: What is the writing center, why should you come, and what can it do for you?

Publications: Coe publishes various different journals to provide students with practical ways to apply their writing skills. Check out The Coe Review, The Pearl, Colere and more.

Resources For Writing: Links to resources that can help with every part of the writing process.




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