Samples of Model Assignments These tried and true writing assignments from various disciplines may be helpful in implementing writing assignments in your courses.

Articles on Writing Assignments:

"Why Should I Use Writing Assignments in my Teaching?"  by Brad Hughes (University of Wisconsin)

Creating the Assignment
"When the Words Seem to be Inevitable" by Robert Marrs
"Ten Unusual Research Paper Sources" by Traci Gardner
"The Five Paragraph Theme" A discussion between writing center administrators
"Creating Effective Assignments" by Robert Marrs
"Writing in Class" by Barbara E. Fassler Walvoord

Assignments for Different Genres
"Four aims of argument: Inquiry, Conviction, Persuasion, Negotiation" by Robert Marrs
"Coe Students Writing About Chemistry" by Robert Marrs
"Writing Collages" by Robert Marrs
"Using Student Journals to Direct Studying" by Terry Heller
"Letters That Don't Need Stamps" by David Hay
"Manifest Destiny" by Sarah Lindsay (on poetry assignments)
"Writing Intensive Courses in Theater" by Alisa Roost

Correcting the Assignment
"Minimal Marking" by Richard Hasswell
"Putting Grammar in its Place . . . But Making Sure it has a Place"  by Rebecca Schoenike    Nowacek (University of Wisconsin)
"Conducting Student-Teacher Conferences"  by Brad Hughes (University of Wisconsin)


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