The Coe Writing Center

Hours: 8am - 11pm Monday-Thursday
8am - 4pm Friday
2pm - 11pm Sunday

Appointments (x8743) and walk-ins welcome. Located in the underground hall between Peterson and Stuart.

It is the Writing Center's goal to not only help students produce better papers, but also to help students become better writers. Consultants are available to assist students at every stage of the writing process. They are also available to assist faculty, offering help with the creation of writing assignments and workshops for students.

Non-Writing Services

Coffee: This has been voted a professor favorite for almost 25 years running! Caffeinated and de-caffeinated coffee are both available to students and faculty for 40 cents a cup, or a low monthly fee. Tea, hot chocolate, and cider are also available.

Students Services

Brainstorming Conferences: Brainstorming conferences help students get started by giving them someone to "bounce ideas off," and helping students get their thoughts organized and focused.

Rough Draft Conferences: Rough draft conferences focus on ideas and how the student presents his or her ideas. These conferences also assist with structure in order to help the student present a clear, articulate paper.

Revision Conferences: Revision conferences take the rough draft conference a step further, by looking at the student's ideas and helping him or her to develop them fully.

Editing Conferences: These conferences focus on polishing a draft. Consultants will help the student look at grammar, structure, clarity, phrasing, and overall effect of the paper.

Faculty Services

Writing Assignment Conferences: By offering student perspective, The Writing Center staff is able to assist in creating and revising writing assignments that will be successful and well-received by students.

In-Class Workshops for Students

The Writing Center staff offers four in-class writing workshops available for classes in all disciplines. Workshops can be scheduled for 30-minute or 50-minute sessions.

Writing Process Workshop: this session takes students through the entire writing process from brainstorming and drafting to revising and editing. Students have an opportunity to gain feedback on their own writing while learning how to work with other writers in a collaborative environment.

Brainstorming Workshop: Students experiment with a series of brainstorming techniques, which include mapping or webbing strategies, group listing, one-on-one conversation, free writing, and revision planning.

Revising Workshop: This workshop helps student writers to understand the distincition between revising and editing. On their current drafts, students practice various revising strategies practiced by skilled, experienced writers.

Editing Workshop: This workshop introduces students to a variety of techniques that improve students' ability to copy edit their own texts.

Out-of-Class Workshops for Students

Reading Workshops: The Writing Center also offers small-group reading and writing workshop sessions for students during the day or evening. In reading workshops, 1-4 students are paired with a writing center consultant. The students practice a variety of techniques in order to tackle complicated and difficult texts.

Writing Workshops: Writing workshops guide students in solving common revising and editing problems. Students learn to collaborate and function as a community of readers and writers.

To schedule a workshop for your students, contact Bob Marrs, Director of the Writing Center.

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