The Coe Writing Center

Peterson Hall 154

Hours: 8am - 11pm Monday-Thursday
8am - 4pm Friday
2pm - 11pm Sunday

Call for an appointment (x8743) or walk-in. The Writing Center is located in the underground tunnel between Peterson and Stuart.

Why should you come?




Your professor has threatened to flunk you if you don't.
You have no idea how to start your paper, and want someone else to do it for you.
You have a paper due in 20 minutes and have nothing but a topic sentence.
You're convinced you've written the world's most perfect paper, and want to show it off.
If you don't get a caffeine/sugar fix, you're going to keel over dead.
You have nothing better to do.

All of the above are more or less correct answers. Here's why:

A: Yes, many professors require you to come visit the CWC, but we promise, it's not a painful experience. We are not going to tell you to completely change your paper. Chances are, we're not going to TELL you to do anything. Conferences given in the CWC are designed to help you THINK about your paper, and how you (if you so choose) may attempt to improve it.

B: Okay, you're not exactly going to find anyone to start the paper FOR you, but Writing Center consultants specialize in brainstorming. You don't need to have a well polished draft to get help in the CWC. All you need is to know that you want to write SOMETHING. We can help you figure out how to get started, how to procede, or how to polish. It's all about what YOU need.

C: While coming to the CWC won't produce miraculous or instantaneous results, sometimes and Emergency Conference is just what you need to get your thoughts organized so you can pump out that 20-minute wonder. Disclaimer: the staff of the CWC does NOT encourage this kind of behavior (because of course, we've never done THAT!). Conferences do tend to be more useful somewhat in advance of the paper's due date.

D: Perfect papers happen. Especially at 2:30 in the morning. However, before you hand that paper in, convinced you're the god of all things written, it may not hurt to bounce it off an impartial audience. If it turns out your paper was perfect afterall, you'll have bragging rights for the next two hours. If, on the other hand, your sleep-deprived-caffine-soaked ramblings were a bit on the irrational side, we're trained in breaking it to you gently.

E: Coffee and jolly ranchers. What more could you ask? Coffee pots are hot from 8:00AM to 11:00PM and for a minimal fee, that caffeine rush is yours. Of course, there are teas, hot chocolate, and cider for those of you who don't do the coffee thing. And the jolly ranchers are always fee. (And pst! We'll even give you free coffee with conference!)

F: Bored? Come play with us! There is always insanity to be found within these walls. Not to mention the fact that in our shiny new location, we have comfy couches and chairs galore, plus that whole coffee thing. So come on down, the party is wild.

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