Dropped and Abandoned

Iris G. Garcia

I've dropped things
Left things
Lost things
On somber grey sidewalks
On rainy days
In airport bathrooms,
The kind with scratched writing on the stalls
I've lost phone numbers
Sometimes I think I've lost my mind
I've left ideas lying at
The bus stop
With a sleeping man,
Possibly even in his shopping cart.
I know I dropped that beautiful pin
With pearls that my mother forced on my dress
Down the drain
I've lost business cards
Lip gloss
And old pictures
That were taken in a time when color
Did not yet exist
I've lost
My father
More than one grandparent
And my dog
Who is now buried somewhere under
Tragic mountains of waste
I have lost opportunities
Which I left in the pasta aisle at Wal-Mart
I lost my purse
In a train
In Mexico
I lost my senses in
Your arms
I have lost words
Because they manage to always escape
And I can never seen to really capture
What is gone,

I have dropped things.

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