Personal Statements

The personal statement used here was written by Jana Haritatos, a former Coe student, as a part of her application for the Rhodes Scholarship. Three drafts of the statement are included here in an attempt to highlight the author's writing process. While reading, please notice the evolution of the following aspects of the personal statement:

  • Use of a relevant personal story to highlight a particular issue.
  • The author doesn't hung up in solving every problem in a particular draft. Especially in the early drafts, she focuses more on getting her thoughts down on paper first and fills in the gaps later.
  • The inclusion of information on the school or program that the author is applying to within the context of the draft shows genuine interest as well as knowledge of at least the fundamental workings of the institution.

Jana Haritatos' Personal Statement:

Draft #1

Draft #2

Draft #3 (Submitted in Application)

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