Welcome to all Prospective Coe Students!

This page is designed to give you an inside look to what might be in store for you, as well as offer hints and suggestions on how to design your application essays and where to find money once you've been accepted to Coe. So sit back, relax, and smell the roses while you still have a chance...

The Application Essays: Because Coe only asks for one essay in the application, it is especially important that you make a good impression. Check here to find tips on what makes an exceptional essay as well as examples of essays that have been submitted. 

Writing for Scholarships: Do you know you want to come to Coe but aren't sure how to pay for it? Check here for information on how you can use your writing skills to your monetary advantage.

Working in the Writing Center: Another opportunity to get money! The Writing Center is a self-proclaimed counter-hegemonic institution dedicated to the betterment of student writers. Curious yet?

Need general information on Coe College or the admissions process?  Visit the website for the Office of Admission. 

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