Spring Green Anthology
Coe Faculty Retreat
August 20-22, 2000


For three days in August 2000, 22 Coe faculty participated in a three-day writing workshop at the Silver Star Lodge near Spring Green, Wisconsin.  During the retreat, we attended a performance of George Bernard Shaw’s The Devil’s Disciple at the American Players Theatre, we shared many personal experiences, we talked about composition pedagogy, we wrote short compositions on assigned topics (e.g., using the words gift, felicitous, inspire, obedient, and revise in a single paper), and we reflected on what it means to be involved in a college-wide writing program. 

Included in this anthology are many of the writings composed during this retreat. Although some invaluable manuscripts were destroyed by an unexpected Wisconsin thunderstorm, every retreat participant has at least one composition included.The selections of texts were made by a group of Witing Center Consultants, who chose which compositions to include, typed the submissions into a computer, and arranged the anthology you now have in your hands. Although the editors occasionally corrected obvious spelling or punctuation errors (e.g., the staff discovered that many faculty forget to include periods at the end of their sentences), these texts should provide a reasonably accurate portrait of the immediate, spontaneous reflections by college faculty thinking about the roles of writing and language in their lives and the lives of their students.We would be remiss if we did not express a special “thank you” to Laura Skandera Trombley, Dean of the Faculty, and James Phifer President of the College, for providing the financial and administrative support to make this retreat possible.

-- Bob Marrs, WAC Program Coordinator


Faculty Attending the Spring Green Retreat
Wendy Bashant Barbara Drexler Bob Marrs Deb Wooldridge
Lisa Barnett Robert Drexler Jane Nesmith Tom Walsh
Lynda Barrow Lucy Goodson Julie Ohrt Steven Marc Weiss
William Carson Kent Herron Lisa Schlesinger Susan Wolverton
John Chaimov Terry Heller Karen Sindelar  
Gavin Cross Becky Jacobs Ann Struthers




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