Coe College Catalog (2012-2013), p. 36-37.  Visit the Registrar for more information and handouts.

Requirement for Honors Projects (Theses) & Graduating with Distinction

To graduate with Distinction, at the time of graduation a student must have:

1) earned at least a 3.2 cumulative grade point average for all courses taken at Coe College,

2) earned at least a 3.5 GPA (or higher if set higher in the program in which you are pursuing distinction) in the courses taken toward the major or minor in which distinction is sought,

3) earned at least 14 course credits of graded courses at Coe College,

4) satisfactorily completed an honors project in a major or minor,

5) completed the "Graduating with Distinction Form" found on my.coe and submitted it to the Office of the Registrar no later than the second week of the Spring Term before graduation,

6) submitted a thesis or project artifact, approved by the majority of the student‘s honors examining committee, to the Director of Library Services no later than Reading Day of Spring Term.

The honors project process normally starts in the student‘s junior year and is ordinarily completed during the senior year. The process typically includes the following:

1. The student prepares an honors project proposal working with a faculty mentor who will serve as his or her Honors Project Director during the junior year and secures the approval of the faculty who teach in the program in which the student is earning the major or minor in which the proposed work is related. The proposal must be submitted to the appropriate department chair or the program director, with the approval of the Honors Project Director, by the deadline determined by the faculty who teach in the program. Application forms are available from the department chair or program director.

2. If the Honors Project Director judges the proposed work to be of honors quality, the student and the Honors Project Director must convene an Honors Examining Committee. This committee is chaired by the Honors Project Director and consists of at least three other faculty members, including a representative who does not teach courses in the program. This Honors Examining Committee will review the student‘s progress during the spring term of the senior year, prior to the submission of the honors thesis or project artifact. This committee will also conduct an oral defense with the student of the completed work, and a majority of members of the committee must approve the thesis or project artifact before it may be submitted to the Director of Library Services.

3. The work on the honors project must represent a minimum of the equivalent of two courses, although courses do not need to be taken to accomplish the work. A student may, but is not required to, register for up to two course credits of Independent Study for the purpose of completing the honors work.

4. For projects involving a thesis, a word-processed copy of the thesis should be submitted to each member of the Honors Examining Committee no later than four weeks prior to graduation to permit time for revision, if the Honors Examining Committee so requires. If the thesis is approved by a majority of the Honors Examining Committee, the student must submit two copies to the Director of Library Services, suitable for binding and preservation, no later than Reading Day of Spring Term.

5. For projects not involving a written thesis, a project artifact appropriate to the discipline must likewise be submitted to the Director of Library Services no later than Reading Day in Spring Term.

6. After submission of the thesis or artifact to the Director of Library Services, the student must turn in the Honors Project cover sheet, signed by the Honors Examining Committee members and the Director of Library Services to the Office of the Registrar, no later than Reading Day of Spring Term so the distinction may be reflected on the student‘s transcript.

7. Transfer students petition for honors projects in the same manner and on the same schedule as other Coe College students.

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