by Bruce Nesmith
(July 2007)

Greetings, Nesmith cousins!
Finding myself in northeast Ohio this summer visiting my wife's family, I took the chance to visit Nesmith Lake in Akron (with adjoining Nesmith Lake Park).  It was hard to get to... there were construction projects on both Manchester Road (the main road that goes by it on the east shore), obscuring the entrance to the park, as well as Carnegie Avenue (a side road that goes along the southern shore).  Most of the surrounding area is privately owned. 
The park is rather bedraggled, a few picnic tables here and there and a couple of ball diamonds.  Ohio was going through a drought when we were there, and with the construction I doubt the park was much in use, which may account for the look.
At the intersection of Manchester and Carnegie is, or rather was, Young's Restaurant, which is now out of business.  The building is still there and available for purchase, if any of the cousins want to try their hand at the restaurant biz.
The pictures:

1-A view of the lake from the highway.  All the beaches are connected to apartment complexes.
Nesmith Lake, Akron, Ohio

2-The park.
Nesmith Lake Park, Akron, Ohio

3-Me at the entrance to the park.

handsome, debonair academic standing by sign

4-My son Eli (age 10).
precocious 10-year-old poses by sign

5-Young's Restaurant that was.

defunct restaurant