The Department of Political Science at Coe College offers courses in American government, international politics, political philosophy, and constitutional law. Students may elect to earn a major or a minor, or take courses towards public school teaching endorsements in American government. We also have an active Political Science Club for recreational (out-of-class) political talk.

     I teach the following courses:

  • American National Government and Politics (POL-115)
  • Religion and U.S. Politics (POL-207)
  • Political Parties and Elections (POL-245)
  • The American Congress (POL-325)
  • The American Presidency (POL-345)
  • Contemporary Political Theory (POL-405)
  • Ancient and Medieval Political Theory (POL-435)
  • Modern Political Theory (POL-445)
  • Introduction to Politics (POL-108... not taught since spring 2006)
  • State and Local Government (POL-135... not taught since fall 2005)

         I am also Coe's co-advisor to the Urban Studies component of the Chicago Program, a stimulating semester operated every semester by the Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM).

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