Economics Video Glossary
Dr. Eichhorn
Coe College

All videos are .mov format and require the QuickTime Player available here:

1982 Recession - Liz Lloyd, Jaimie Lynch, Justing Tangeman, Fall 2006.
1991 Recession - Bryon Grothus, Ashley Leonard, Megan Olson, Fall 2006.

Black Markets - Mike Coulter, Josh Hennings, Ryan Rayhill, Jacob Schwind, Fall 2006.

Capitalism - Sheila Farrey and Takamasa Yoshida, Spring 2004.
Central Economic Problem - Megan Webster, Curtis Bickford, Sarah Kelly, Fall 2005.
Commodity Money - Ainslee Barnes, Mary Ensminger, Amy Hanse, Fall 2005.
Commodity Money - Tommy Breitbach, Ross Clapham, Erica Langland, Fall 2005.
Commodity Money - Jess Fletcher, Jordan Schmitt, Liz Reedy, Spring 2006.
Comparative Advantage - Brandon Bell and Mike Kuennen, Spring 2004.
Comparative Advantage - Amy Funke and Morae Youde, Fall 2004.
Comparative Advantage - Kyle Brockmeyer, Todd Bulicek, Ryan Day, Spring 2006.
Comparative Advantage - Vanessa Herrera, Amanda Nigg, Ross Weidner, Spring 2006.
Comparative Advantage - Luke Miller, Justin Parker, Ben Tietz, Spring 2006.
Conspicuous Consumption - Kyle Shifflet, Ann Virden, Amelia Vohs, Fall 2005.
Conspicuous Consumption - Mitchell Lincoln, Max Orsborn, Seth Paysen, Spring 2006.

Demand, Law of - Doug Herdliska and Lauren Walz, Spring 2004.
Demand, Law of - Jamie Veeder and Brandon Vinson, Fall 2004.

Economics, What is - Jack, Owen and Mary Eichhorn, Winter 2004.
Equilibrium - Lindsey Driscoll and Marie Fettkether, Spring 2004.
Exchange Rates - Gannon Hjerleid and Mark Jaeger, Fall 2004.

Federal Reserve System - Matt Repa and Thad Snook, Spring 2004.
Financial Regulatory Cycle - Alec Herr and Alex Shields, Fall 2009.
Free Market Ideology - Sidney Ridout and Kyle Cassidy-Wescott, Fall 2009.
Friedman, Milton - Chandra Hale, Raelynn Huff, Danielle Nauman, Spring 2006.
Fundamental Economic Problem - Jason Kuehner and Tony Krueger, Fall 2004.
Fundamental Economic Principle - Jayne Appley, Chris Engel and Kevin Randall, Spring 2005.
Fundamental Economic Principle - Bryan Gogg and Ryan Nicholson, Spring 2006.
Fundamental Economic Principle - Leo Kelly, Kyle Kuenstling, Ryan Rogers, Spring 2006.
Fundamental Economic Principle - Chris Koenig, Andrew Randone, Steve Seebacher, Spring 2006.

Gains from Trade - Naresh KC and Utsav Shrestha, Spring 2004.
Gains from Trade - Nick Hirth and Dylan Wagener, Fall 2004.
Gains from Trade - Eric Hayek, Michael Murtaugh, Paker Reynolds, Spring 2006.
Gains from Trade - Justin Bakke, Landon Nordmeyer, Chad Reifschneider, Spring 2006.
Gains from Trade - Eric Hoskins, Spring 2007.
Gains from Trade - Thad Snook, Spring 2007.
Galbraith, John Kenneth - Josh Lemaster and Cody Thompson, Fall 2006.
Grameen Bank - Onyotse Agbese, Ayla Crosswhite, Kelsey Knapp, Piper Twachtmann, Fall 2006.
Growth Failures - Tyler Goodall, Nate Raymond, Nate Rowland, Spring 2007.
Growth Miracles - Andrea Degneau, Nicole Spree, Spring 2007.

Inflation - Mike Jones, Charles Showalter, Spring 2007.
Invisible Hand
- Megan Fiala, Tara Miller, Spring 2007.

Keynes, John Maynard - Mike Clapper and Marcus Schneider, Spring 2004.
Keynes, John Maynard - Jordaya Herron, Mary Johnston, Rick Newell, Fall 2006.

Malthusian Trap - Corey Calhoun and Jesse Hale, Spring 2004.
Malthusian Trap - Danielle Leavens, Nathan Nass, Michael Rogers, Spring 2006.
Malthusian Trap - Kiyohito Kato, Spring 2006.
Marx, Karl - Travis Cooper and Matt Ties, Spring 2004.
Marx, Karl - Carl Bailie, Dan Luethke and Jake Michael, Fall 2004.
Marx, Karl - Robert Fox, Takashi Fujishima, Stacy Schifler, Spring 2006.
Minimum Wage - Mike Christiansen, Robert Welborn, Spring 2007.
Monetary Policy - Jamie Boley, Bradley Hemesath, Jon Rife, Fall 2006.
Money Creation - Kevin Adams and Emilie Orth, Spring 2004.
Money Creation - Brooks McLaren and Blake Strobel, Fall 2004.
Money Creation - Amy Stark and Tyler Yates, Fall 2004.
Money Multiplier - Ivan Mavrodiev, Dan Snyder, Spring 2007.
Money, What is - Dawn Holesinger and Sarah Wilkens, Fall 2004.
Money, What is - Zach Dillon and Adam Jordison, Spring 2004.
Money, What is - Audrey Flemming, Beth Hayden, Nicole Jackson, Spring 2006.
Money, What is - Shallyn Duffy, Chelsea Hinderks, Megan Twachtmann, Spring 2006.

New Economy - Edel Oldham, Sonya Lau, Andrea Ziffer, Fall 2006.
Natural Rate of Unemployment
- Heather Choi and Fred Wilcox, Fall 2004.
Natural Rate of Unemployment - Heather Hulseberg, Amanda Proffitt, Britta Robins, Spring 2006.

Opportunity Cost - Tracey Freiberg and Michelle Uthe, Spring 2004.
Opportunity Cost - Angela Herman and Michael Marlowe, Spring 2004.
Opportunity Cost - Megan Hubler and Blaine Stephenson, Fall 2004.

Phillips Curve - Josh Michalec, Arthur Mitchell, Biswas Rijal, Fall 2006.
Paradox of Thrift - Eliot Tracz and Dan Willmer, Fall 2009.

Scarcity- Karen Boyd, Lisa Galindo and Dayna Teakell, Spring 2005.
Self-Fulfilling Prophecies - Paul Durbala, John McCarthy, Fall 2006.
Self-Fulfilling Prophecies - Olivia Mathews, Yu-Lyn Quek, Spring 2007.
Self-Fulfilling Prophecies - Jobin Abraham, Nick Roth, Spring 2008.
Smith, Adam - Amber Lindemann and Justin Maxwell, Spring 2004.
Smith, Adam - Kyle Maurer and Brent Oldag, Fall 2004.
Smith, Adam - Chase Steggall, Ben Whaley, Spring 2007.
Socialism - Karly Ashlock and Brandon Yansky, Spring 2004.
Stagflation, Nathan Handler, Sam Hegland, Spring 2008.
Supply, Law of - Yukiko Aso and Ashish Rajbhandari, Spring 2004.
Supply, Law of - Joe Greenwood and Zach Nosbisch, Spring 2004.
Supply, Law of - Casey Venzon and Ashley Wilder, Fall 2004.

Tragedy of the Commons - Lin Prisbrey, Spring 2004.

Unemployment - TJ Leicht, Sam Zerbib, Spring 2007.

Veblen, Thorstein - Erica Baasten and Katie Becker, Spring 2004.
Vicious Circles - Zach Brugman, Joel Cox, Ben Roush, Fall 2006.

Welfare Capitalism - Olivia Johnson, Ben Kaplan, Nicki Thiher, Fall 2006.