Musical Acoustics Papers Published in JASA

January 1998-February 2010

Vol. 127 (2010)

No. 5 (May)

Ana Navarro Cebrian and Petr Janata, Influences of multiple memory systems on auditory mental image acuity

Jean-Loic Le Carrou, Quentin Leclere, and Francois Gautier, Some characteristics of the concert harp's acoustic radiation

Lucie Bailly, Nathalie Henrich, and Xavier Pelorson, Vocal fold and ventricular fold vibration in period-doubling phonation: Physiological description and aerodynamic modeling

Ann-Christine Mecke and Johan Sundberg, Gender differences in children's singing voices: Acoustic analyses and results of a listening test

Molly E. Jones, Kent L. Gee, and Jeremy Grimshaw, Vibrational characteristics of Balinese gamelan metallophones


No. 2 (February)

Pablo L. Rendón, Felipe Orduña-Bustamante, Daniela Narezo, Antonio Pérez-López, and Jacques Sorrentini, Nonlinear progressive waves in a slide trombone resonator


No.1 (January)

Katja Saupe, Stefan Koelsch, and Rudolf Rübsamen,  Spatial selective attention in a complex auditory environment such as polyphonic music

Chao-Yang Lee and Yuh-Fang Lee, Perception of musical pitch and lexical tones by Mandarin-speaking musicians

Daniel L. Bowling, Kamraan Gill, Jonathan D. Choi, Joseph Prinz, and Dale Purves, Major and minor music compared to excited and subdued speech

Sean Hutchins, Jean Mary Zarate, Robert J. Zatorre, and Isabelle Peretz, An acoustical study of vocal pitch matching in congenital amusia

Claudia Fritz, Jim Woodhouse, Felicia P.-H. Cheng, Ian Cross, Alan F. Blackwell, and Brian C. J. Moore, Perceptual studies of violin body damping and vibrato

Randy Worland, Normal modes of a musical drumhead under non-uniform tension

Vincent Verfaille, Philippe Depalle, and Marcelo M. Wanderley, Detecting overblown flute fingerings from the residual noise spectrum


Vol. 126 (2009)

No. 5 (November)

  E. Schoonderwaldt and M. Demoucron, Extraction of bowing parameters from violin performance combining motion capture and sensors

E. Schoonderwaldt, The player and the bowed string: Coordination of bowing parameters in violin and viola performance


No. 3 (September)

Jer-Ming Chen, John Smith, and Joe Wolfe, Pitch bending and glissandi on the clarinet: Roles of the vocal tract and partial tone hole closure

André Almeida, Renee Chow, John Smith, and Joe Wolfe, The kinetics and acoustics of fingering and note transitions on the flute

Ingo R. Titze and Albert S. Worley, Modeling source-filter interaction in belting and high-pitched operatic male singing


No. 2 (August)

Hubert J. Außerlechner, Thomas Trommer, Judit Angster, and András Miklós, Experimental jet velocity and edge tone investigations on a foot model of an organ pipe


No. 1 (July)

Hiroshi Kinoshita and Satoshi Obata, Left hand finger force in violin playing: Tempo, loudness, and finger differences

Sally Collyer, Pamela J. Davis, C. William Thorpe, and Jean Callaghan, Fundamental frequency influences the relationship between sound pressure level and spectral balance in female classically trained singers

Anke Grell, Johan Sundberg, Sten Ternström, Martin Ptok, and Eckart Altenmüller, Rapid pitch correction in choir singers

Simone Dalla Bella, Jean-François Giguère, and Isabelle Peretz, Singing in congenital amusia


Vol. 125 (2009)

No. 6 (June)

Chandrika P. Vyasarayani, Stephen Birkett, and John McPhee,  Modeling the dynamics of a compliant piano action mechanism impacting an elastic stiff string


No. 5 (May)

Paris Smaragdis, Relative-pitch tracking of multiple arbitrary sounds


No. 4 (April)

Diana Deutsch, Kevin Dooley, Trevor Henthorn, and Brian Head, Absolute pitch among students in an American music conservatory: Association with tone language fluency

Alistair C. P. Braden, Michael J. Newton, and D. Murray Campbell,  Trombone bore optimization based on input impedance targets

No. 1 (January):

Andrew B. Horner, James W. Beauchamp, and Richard H.Y. So, Detection of time-varying harmonic amplitude alterations due to spectral interpolations between musical instrument tones

Friederike Roers, Dirk Mürbe, and Johan Sundberg, Voice classification and vocal tract of singers: A study of x-ray images and morphology

Vol. 124 (2008)
No. 6 (December):

George Bissinger, Structural acoustics model of the violin radiativity profile

Stefan T. Tomic and Petr Janata, Beyond the beat: Modeling metric structure in music and performance


No. 5 (November):

Laurie A. Stephey and Thomas R. Moore, Experimental investigation of an American five-string banjo

Fabrice Silva, Jean Kergomard, Christophe Vergez, and Joël Gilbert, Interaction of reed and acoustic resonator in clarinetlike systems

Lucie Bailly, Xavier Pelorson, Nathalie Henrich, and Nicolas Ruty, Influence of a constriction in the near field of the vocal folds: Physical modeling and experimental validation


No. 4 (October):

Martin Ebeling, Neuronal periodicity detection as a basis for the perception of consonance: A mathematical model of tonal fusion


No. 3 (September):

Stephanie M. Stalinski, E. Glenn Schellenberg, and Sandra E. Trehub, Developmental changes in the perception of pitch contour: Distinguishing up from down

George Bissinger, Structural acoustics of good and bad violins

Chris Waltham and Andrzej Kotlicki, Vibrational characteristics of harp soundboards


No. 2 (August):
Guillaume Nief, Francois Gautier, Jean-Pierre Dalmont, and Joel Gilbert, Influence of wall vibrations on the behavior of a simplified wind instrument

No. 1 (July):

Diana Deutsch, Kevin Dooley, and Trevor Henthorn, Pitch circularity from tones comprising full harmonic series


Vol. 123 (2008)
No. 1 (January):
David Gunawan and D. Sen, Spectral envelope sensitivity of musical instrument sound


No. 2 (February):
L. E. McNeil and S. Mitran, Vibrational frequencies and tuning of the African mbira


No. 3 (March):
Jonas Braasch, Acoustical measurements of expression devices in pipe organs


No. 4 (April):
Gary Scavone, Antoine Lefebre, Andrey R. de Silva, Measurement of vocal-tract influence during saxophone performance

Adrien Mamou-Mani, Joel Frelat, and Charles Besnainou, Numerical simulation of a piano soundboard under downbearing


Vol. 122 (2007)
No. 1 (July):
Shigeru Yoshikawa,  Acoustical classification of woods for string instruments


No. 2 (August):
Jean-Pierre Dalmont and Cyrille Frappe, Oscillation and extinction thresholds of the clarinet: Comparison of analytical results and experiments


No. 3 (September):
Andrey Ricardo da Silva, Gary P. Scavone, and Maarten van Walstijn, Numerical simulations of fluid-structure interactions in single-reed mouthpieces
Heidi-Maria Lehtonen, Henri Penttinen, Jukka Rauhala, and Vesa Valimaki, Analysis and modeling of piano sustain-pedal effects


No. 4 (October):
Enza De Lauro, Salvatore De Martino, Enrico Esposito, Mariarosaria Falanga, and Enrico Primo Tomasini, Analogical model for mechanical vibrations in flue organ pipes inferred by independent component analysis


No. 5 (November):
Renee Timmers, Perception of music performance on historical and modern commercial recordings


Volume 121 (2007)
No. 1 (January):
Andre Almeida, Christophe Vergez, and Rene Causse, Quasistatic nonlinear characteristics of double-reed instruments
John Smith, Guillaume Rey, Paul Dickens, Neville Fletcher, Lloyd Hollenberg, and Joe Wolfe, Vocal tract resonances and the sound of the Australian didjeridu (yidaki). III. Determinants of playing quality
J-L. Le Carrou, F. Gautier, and E. Foltete, Experimental study of A0 and T1 modes of the concert harp

No. 2 (February):
Simone Dalla Bella, Jean-Francois Giguere, and Isabelle Peretz, Singing proficiency in the general population

No. 3 (March):
Sally Collyer, Pamela J. Davis, C. William Thorpe, and Jean Callaghan, Sound pressure level and spectral balance linearity and symmetry in the messa di voce of female classical singers

No. 4 (April):
Toby J. W. Hill and Ian R. Summers, Discrimination of interval size in short tone sequences
Christoph Buksnowitz, Alfred Teischinger, Ulrich Muller, Andreas Pahler, and Robert Evans, Resonance wood [Picea abies (L.) Karst.] -- evaluation and prediction of violin makers' quality-grading
Philippe Guillemain, Some roles of the vocal tract in clarinet breath attacks: Natural sounds analysis and model-based synthesis
Mitsuko Aramaki, Henri Bailleres, Loic Brancheriau, Richard Kronland-Martinet, and Solvi Ystad, Sound quality assessment of wood for xylophone bars

No. 5 (May):
Hiroshi Kinoshita, Shinichi Furuya, Tomoko Aoki, and Eckart Altenmuller, Loudness control in pianists as exemplified in keystroke force measurements on different touches

No. 6 (June):
George Bissinger, Earl G. Williams, and Nicolas Valdivia, Violin f-hole contribution to far-field radiation via patch near-field acoustical holography


Volume 120 (2006)
No. 1 (July):
George Bissinger, The violin bridge as filter

No. 4 (October):
John W. Coltman, Jet offset, harmonic content, and warble in the flute

No. 6 (December):
Henri Penttinen, Jyri Pakarinen, Vesa Valimaki, Mikael Laurson, Henbing Li, and Marc Leman, Model-based sound synthesis of the guqin

Volume 119 (2006)

No. 5 (May)

András Miklós, Judit Angster, Stephan Pitsch, and Thomas D. Rossing, Interaction of reed and resonator by sound generation in a reed organ pipe


No. 4 (April)

M. Abel, S. Bergweiler, and R. Gerhard-Multhaupt, Synchronization of organ pipes: experimental observations and modeling

Thomas M. Huber, Mostafa Fatemi, Randy Kinnick, and James Greenleaf, Noncontact modal analysis of a pipe organ reed using airborne ultrasound stimulated vibrometry

Ixone Arroabarren and Alfonso Carlosena, Effect of the glottal source and the vocal tract on the partials amplitude of vibrato in male voices

Manuel Davy, Simon Godsill, and Jérôme Idier, Bayesian analysis of polyphonic western tonal music


No. 3 (March)

Thomas R. Moore and Sarah A. Zietlow, Interferometric studies of a piano soundboard

Snorre Farner, Christophe Vergez, Jean Kergomard, and Aude Lizée, Contribution to harmonic balance calculations of self-sustained periodic oscillations with focus on single-reed instruments

Paul Boersma and Gordana Kovacic, Spectral characteristics of three styles of Croatian folk singing


No. 2 (February)

Petri Toiviainen and Tuomas Eerola, Autocorrelation in meter induction: The role of accent structure

Bruno L. Giordano and Stephen McAdams, Material identification of real impact sounds: Effects of size variation in steel, glass, wood, and plexiglass plates

W. Luke Windsor, Peter Desain, Amandine Penel, and Michiel Borkent, A structurally guided method for the decomposition of expression in music performance

Alex Z. Tarnopolsky, Neville H. Fletcher, Lloyd C. L. Hollenberg, Benjamin D. Lange, John Smith, and Joe Wolfe, Vocal tract resonances and the sound of the Australian didjeridu (yidaki) I. Experiment

N. H. Fletcher, L. C. L. Hollenberg, J. Smith, A. Z. Tarnopolsky, and J. Wolfe, Vocal tract resonances and the sound of the Australian didjeridu (yidaki) II. Theory


Volume 118 (2005)

No. 6 (December)

Sten Ternström, Densil Cabrera, and Pamela Davis, Self-to-other ratios measured in an opera chorus in performance


No.5 (November)

Jean-Pierre Dalmont, Joël Gilbert, Jean Kergomard, and Sébastien Ollivier, An analytical prediction of the oscillation and extinction thresholds of a clarinet

Claudia Fritz and Joe Wolfe, How do clarinet players adjust the resonances of their vocal tracts for different playing effects?

Stefan Bilbao, Conservative numerical methods for nonlinear strings


No. 4 (October)

J. Gilbert, L. Simon, and J. Terroir, Vibrato of saxophones

Emilie Poirson, Jean-François Petiot, and Joël Gilbert, Study of the brightness of trumpet tones


No. 3 (September)

L. Trautmann, S. Petrausch, and M. Bauer, Simulations of string vibrations with boundary conditions of third kind using the functional transformation method

Éric Ducasse, On waveguide modeling of stiff piano strings


No. 2 (August)

Werner Goebl, Roberto Bresin, and Alexander Galembo, Touch and temporal behavior of grand piano actions


No. 1 (July)

Anne Caclin, Stephen McAdams, Bennett K. Smith, and Suzanne Winsberg, Acoustic correlates of timbre space dimensions: A confirmatory study using synthetic tones

Philippe Guillemain, Jean Kergomard, and Thierry Voinier, Real-time synthesis of clarinet-like instruments using digital impedance models

Julien Bensa, Olivier Gipouloux, and Richard Kronland-Martinet, Parameter fitting for piano sound synthesis by physical modeling


Volume 117 (2005)

No. 5 (May)

Brian E. Anderson and William J. Strong, The effect of inharmonic partials on pitch of piano tones


No. 4 (April)

Masahiro Sunohara, Kenji Furihata, David K. Asano, Takesaburo Yanagisawa, and Atsuyoshi Yuasa, The acoustics of Japanese wooden drums called "mokugyo"

Bo Cartling, Beating frequency and amplitude modulation of the piano tone due to coupling of tones

Balázs Bank and László Sujbert, Generation of longitudinal vibrations in piano strings: From physics to sound synthesis

Denis Ricot, René Caussé, and Nicolas Misdariis, Aerodynamic excitation and sound production of blown-closed free reeds without acoustic coupling: The example of the accordion reed


No. 3 (March)

Nathalie Henrich, Christophe d'Alessandro, Boris Doval, and Michèle Castellengo, Glottal open quotient in singing: Measurements and correlation with laryngeal mechanisms, vocal intensity, and fundamental frequency


No. 2 (February)

Lamberto Tronchin, Modal analysis and intensity of acoustic radiation of the kettledrum


No. 1 (January)

N. H. Fletcher, Stopped-pipe wind instruments: Acoustics of the panpipes

Brian Copeland, Andrew Morrison, and Thomas D. Rossing, Sound radiation from Caribbean steelpans  

J. Petrolito and K. A. Legge, Designing musical structures using a constrained optimization approach

Renee Timmers, Predicting the similarity between expressive performances of music from measurements of tempo and dynamics

Roger J. Hanson, H. Kent Macomber, Andrew C. Morrison, and Matthew A. Boucher, Primarily nonlinear effects observed in a driven asymmetrical vibrating wire


Volume 116 (2004)

No 4. (October)

Michael F. Page, Perfect harmony: A mathematical analysis of four historical tunings

Bradley M. Deutsch, Cherie L. Ramirez, and Thomas R. Moore, The dynamics and tuning of orchestral crotales

Elodie Joliveau, John Smith, and Joe Wolfe, Vocal tract resonances in singing: The soprano voice


No. 3 (September)

David A. Ross, Ingrid R. Olson, Lawrence E. Marks, and John C. Gore, A nonmusical paradigm for identifying absolute pitch possessors

Andrew Horner, James Beauchamp, and Richard So, Detection of random alterations to time-varying musical instrument spectra


No. 1 (July)

Jennifer J. Barnes, Pamela Davis, Jennifer Oates, and Janice Chapman, The relationship between professional operatic soprano voice and high range spectral energy



Volume 115 (2004)

No. 5 (May)

Judith C. Brown and Paris Smaragdis, Independent component analysis for automatic note extraction from musical trills


No. 3 (March)

Stephen McAdams, Antoine Chaigne, and Vincent Roussarie, The psychomechanics of simulated sound sources: Material properties of impacted bars

Nathalie Henrich, Christophe d'Alessandro, Boris Doval, and Michèle Castellengo, On the use of the derivative of electroglottographic signals for characterization of nonpathological phonation


No. 2 (February)

Brian Capleton, False beats in coupled piano string unisons


Volume 114 (2003)

No. 6 (December)

Brian H. Pandya, Gary S. Settles, and James D. Miller, Schlieren imaging of shock waves from a trumpet

Grégoire Derveaux, Antoine Chaigne, Patrick Joly, and Eliane Bécache, Time-domain simulation of a guitar: Model and method


No. 5 (November)

Jeremy Marozeau, Alain de Cheveigné, Stephen McAdams, and Suzanne Winsberg, The dependency of timbre on fundamental frequency

Joe Dickey, The structural dynamics of the American five-string banjo


No. 4 (October)

Jean-Pierre Dalmont, Joël Gilbert, and Sébastien Ollivier, Nonlinear characteristics of single-reed instruments: Quasistatic volume flow and reed opening measurements

Joe Wolfe and John Smith, Cutoff frequencies and cross fingerings in baroque, classical, and modern flutes

Werner Goebl and Roberto Bresin, Measurement and reproduction accuracy of computer-controlled grand pianos


No. 3 (September)

M. Jing, A theoretical study of the vibration and acoustics of ancient Chinese bells


No. 2 (August)

Julien Bensa, Stefan Bilbao, Richard Kronland-Martinet, and Julius O. Smith III, The simulation of piano string vibration: From physical models to finite difference schemes and digital waveguides


No. 1 (July)

Ana Barjau and Vincent Gibiat, Delayed models for simplified musical instruments

Neil McLachlan, Behzad Keramati Nigjeh, and Anton Hasell, The design of bells with harmonic overtones


 Volume 113 (2003)

No. 5 (May)

Matteo L. FacchinettiXavier Boutillon, and Andrei Constantinescu, Numerical and experimental modal analysis of the reed and pipe of a clarinet


No. 4 (April)

George Bissinger, Modal analysis of a violin octet


No. 3 (March)

George Bissinger, Wall compliance and violin cavity modes

S. Dequand, J. F. H. Willems, M. Leroux, R. Vullings, M. van Weert, C. Thieulot, and A. Hirschberg, Simplified models of flue instruments: Influence of mouth geometry on the sound source

Fabrice Pinard, Benoit Laine, and Holger Vach, Musical quality assessment of clarinet reeds using optical holography


No. 2 (February)

András Miklós, Judit Angster, Stephan Pitsch, and Thomas D. Rossing, Reed vibration in lingual organ pipes without the resonators

Takafumi Hikichi, Naotoshi Osaka, and Fumitada Itakura, Time-domain simulation of sound production of the sho

Ofer Amir, Noam Amir, and Liat Kishon-Rabin, The effect of superior auditory skills on vocal accuracy


No. 1 (January)

Maarten van Walstijn and Murray Campbell, Discrete-time modeling of woodwind instrument bores using wave variables


Volume 112 (2002)

No. 6 (December)

Eric Ducasse, An alternative to the traveling-wave approach for use in two-port descriptions of acoustic bores

Jie Pan, Xiaodong Li, Jing Tian, and Tanran Lin, Short sound decay of ancient Chinese music bells


No. 4 (October)

Cumhur Erkut, Matti Karjalainen, Patty Huang, and Vesa Välimäki, Acoustical analysis and model-based sound synthesis of the kantele


Volume 111 (2002)

No. 5 (May)

Ingo R. Titze, Brad Story, Marshall Smith, and Russel Long, A reflex resonance model of vocal vibrato

M. J. Elejabarrieta, A. Ezcurra, and C. Santamaría, Coupled modes of the resonance box of the guitar

Federico Avanzini and Davide Rocchesso, Efficiency, accuracy, and stability issues in discrete-time simulations of single reed wind instruments


No. 3 (March)

N. H. Fletcher, W. T. McGee, and A. Z. Tarnopolsky, Bell clapper impact dynamics and the voicing of a carillon


Volume 110 (2001)

No. 3 (September)

Alexander Galembo, Anders Askenfelt, Lola L. Cuddy, and Frank A. Russo, Effects of relative phases on pitch and timbre in the piano bass range

Kenneth Tom and Ingo R. Titze, Vocal intensity in falsetto phonation of a countertenor: An analysis by synthesis approach


No. 1 (July)

Lily M. Wang and Courtney B. Burroughs, Acoustic radiation from bowed violins

Michael W. Thompson and William J. Strong, Inclusion of wave steepening in a frequency-domain model of trombone sound production

Werner Goebl, Melody lead in piano performance: Expressive device or artifact?


Volume 109 (2001)

No. 6 (June)

R. Ranvaud, W. F. Thompson, L. Silveira-Moriyama, and L.-L. Balkwill, The speed of pitch resolution in a musical context


Volume 108 (2000)

No. 5 (November)

Gabriel Weinreich, Colin Holmes, and Maureen Mellody, Air-wood coupling and the Swiss-cheese violin


No. 2 (August)

Thomas D. Rossing, Uwe J. Hansen, and D. Scott Hampton, Vibrational mode shapes in Caribbean steelpans. I. Tenor and double second


No. 1 (July)

J. Woodhouse, R. T. Schumacher, and S. Garoff, Reconstruction of bowing point friction force in a bowed string

M. J. Elejabarrieta, A. Ezcurra, and C. Santamaría, Evolution of the vibrational behavior of a guitar soundboard along successive construction phases by means of the modal analysis technique

Georg Essl and Perry R. Cook, Measurements and efficient simulations of bowed bars

J. M. Harrison and N. Thompson-Allen, Constancy of loudness of pipe organ sounds at different locations in an auditorium

A. Z. Tarnopolsky, N. H. Fletcher, and J. C. S. Lai, Oscillating reed valves—An experimental study


Volume 107 (2000)

No. 6 (June)

Anna Runnemalm, Nils-Erik Molin, and Erik Jansson, On operating deflection shapes of the violin body including in-plane motions

G. R. Plitnik, Vibration characteristics of pipe organ reed tongues and the effect of the shallot, resonator, and reed curvature


No. 5 (May)

Richard J. Krantz and Jack Douthett, Construction and interpretation of equal-tempered scales using frequency ratios, maximally even sets, and P-cycles


No. 4 (April)

N. Giordano and J. P. Winans II, Piano hammers and their force compression characteristics: Does a power law make sense?


No. 1 (January)

Maureen Mellody and Gregory H. Wakefield, The time-frequency characteristics of violin vibrato: Modal distribution analysis and synthesis


Volume 106 (1999)

No. 5 (November)

Thomas D. Rossing and Gila Eban, Normal modes of a radially braced guitar determined by electronic TV holography


No. 2 (August)

E. Obataya and M. Norimoto, Acoustic properties of a reed (Arundo donax L.) used for the vibrating plate of a clarinet

George R. Plitnik and Bruce A. Lawson, An investigation of correlations between geometry, acoustic variables, and psychoacoustic parameters for French horn mouthpieces


No. 1 (July)

Bruno H. Repp, A microcosm of musical expression. III. Contributions of timing and dynamics to the aesthetic impression of pianists' performances of the initial measures of Chopin's Etude in E Major


Volume 105 (1999)

No. 6 (June)

Xavier Boutillon and Gabriel Weinreich, Three-dimensional mechanical admittance: Theory and new measurement method applied to the violin bridge

Eiji Hayashi, Masami Yamane, and Hajime Mori, Behavior of piano-action in a grand piano. I. Analysis of the motion of the hammer prior to string contact

Leïla Rhaouti, Antoine Chaigne, and Patrick Joly, Time-domain modeling and numerical simulation of a kettledrum

Sten Ternström, Preferred self-to-other ratios in choir singing


No. 5 (May)

Seiji Adachi and Masashi Yamada, An acoustical study of sound production in biphonic singing, Xöömij

Ingo R. Titze, Russel Long, George I. Shirley, Elaine Stathopoulos, Lorraine O. Ramig, Linda M. Carroll, and William D. Riley, Messa di voce: An investigation of the symmetry of crescendo and decrescendo in a singing exercise


No. 3 (March)

Judith C. Brown, Computer identification of musical instruments using pattern recognition with cepstral coefficients as features

J. Bretos, C. Santamaría, and J. Alonso Moral, Vibrational patterns and frequency responses of the free plates and box of a violin obtained by finite element analysis

A. Barjau, D. H. Keefe, and S. Cardona, Time-domain simulation of acoustical waveguides with arbitrarily spaced discontinuities

Johan Sundberg, Maria Andersson, and Clara Hultqvist, Effects of subglottal pressure variation on professional baritone singers' voice sources

Bruno H. Repp, A microcosm of musical expression: II. Quantitative analysis of pianists' dynamics in the initial measures of Chopin's Etude in E major


No. 2 (February)

N. H. Fletcher and A. Tarnopolsky, Blowing pressure, power, and spectrum in trumpet playing

Stephen McAdams, James W. Beauchamp, and Suzanna Meneguzzi, Discrimination of musical instrument sounds resynthesized with simplified spectrotemporal parameters


No. 1 (January)

Harold A. Conklin, Jr., Generation of partials due to nonlinear mixing in a stringed instrument

Servaas J. J. M. F. Kokkelmans, Marc-Pierre Verge, A. Hirschberg, A. P. J. Wijnands, and R. L. M. Schoffelen, Acoustic behavior of chimney pipes


Volume 104 (1998)

No. 6 (December)

George Bissinger, A0 and A1 coupling, arching, rib height, and f-hole geometry dependence in the 2 degree-of-freedom network model of violin cavity modes


No. 3 (September)

Cornelis J. Nederveen, Influence of a toroidal bend on wind instrument tuning

Joël Gilbert, Sylvie Ponthus, and Jean-François Petiot, Artificial buzzing lips and brass instruments: Experimental results

Vincent Doutaut, Denis Matignon, and Antoine Chaigne, Numerical simulations of xylophones.

 II. Time-domain modeling of the resonator and of the radiated sound pressure

N. Giordano, Sound production by a vibrating piano soundboard: Experiment


No. 2 (August)

Bruno H. Repp, A microcosm of musical expression. I. Quantitative analysis of pianists' timing in the initial measures of Chopin's Etude in E major


No. 1 (July)

Teresa D. Wilson and Douglas H. Keefe, Characterizing the clarinet tone: Measurements of Lyapunov exponents, correlation dimension, and unsteadiness


Volume 103 (1998)

No. 6. (June)

A. W. Nolle, Sinuous instability of a planar air jet: Propagation parameters and acoustic excitation


No. 5 (May)

Shigeru Yoshikawa, Jet-wave amplification in organ pipes


No. 4 (April)

N. Giordano, Mechanical impedance of a piano soundboard

Henry T. Bahnson, James F. Antaki, and Quinter C. Beery, Acoustical and physical dynamics of the diatonic harmonica


No. 2 (February)

Myeong-Hwa Lee, Jeong-No Lee, and Kwang-Sup Soh, Chaos in segments from Korean traditional singing and Western singing


No. 1 (January)

Eric D. Scheirer, Tempo and beat analysis of acoustic musical signals