166th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America

Hilton San Francisco Union Square Hotel

San Franciso, California

    December 2-6, 2013




1:00 PM - 4:15 PM; CONTINENTAL 1

1pMU. General Musical Acoustics

      Chair: Randy Worland (University of Puget Sound)


contributed talks:

1:00 PM

1pMU1. "Digital fabrication of vocal tract models from magnetic

       resonance imaging during expert pitch bending on the harmonica "

       John Granzow; Peter Egbert; David Barrett; Thomas Rossing;

       Lewis Shin

1:15 PM

1pMU2. "Attack transients in free reed instruments"

       Jennifer Biernat; James P. Cottingham

1:30 PM

1pMU3. "A study of oboe reed construction"

       Julia Gjebic; Karen Gipson; Marlen Vavrikova

1:45 PM

1pMU4. "Spectral character of the resonator guitar"

       Daniel Ludwigsen

2:00 PM

1pMU5. "A method for obtaining high-resolution directivities from the

       live performance of musical instruments"

       Nicholas J. Eyring; Timothy W. Leishman; William J. Strong

2:15 PM

1pMU6. "Difference thresholds for melodic pitch intervals"

       Carolyn M. McClaskey

2:30 PM

1pMU7. "Analyzing the time variance of orchestral instrument


       Adam T. Buck; Lily M. Wang

2:45 PM

1pMU8. "Testing a variety of features for music mood recognition"

       Bozena Kostek; Magdalena Plewa

3:00 PM - 3:15 PM


3:15 PM

1pMU9. "Individuals with congenital amusia respond to fractal music

       differently from normal listeners"

       Fang Liu; Sherri L. Livengood; Cunmei Jiang; Alice H. Chan;

       Patrick C. Wong

3:30 PM

1pMU10. "Marching band hearing responses: Indoor rehearsal vs. outdoor

        performance configurations"

        Glenn E. Sweitzer

3:45 PM

1pMU11. "Representation of musical performance “grammar” using

        probabilistic graphical models"

        Gang Ren; Zhe Wen; Xuchen Yang; Cheng Shu; Fangyu Ke; Mark Bocko

4:00 PM

1pMU12. "Vibrato lab: A signal processing toolbox for woodwind sound


        Zhe Wen; Xuchen Yang; Cheng Shu; Fangyu Ke; Gang Ren; Mark Bocko




8:00 AM - 9:35 AM; CONTINENTAL 1

2aMU. "Experiments and Laboratory Curricula for Undergraduate Courses

      in Musical Acoustics"

      Chair: Jack Dostal (Wake Forest University)


invited papers:

8:00 AM

2aMU1. "Making music: A serious attempt at designing new instruments

       by undergraduate students"

       Thomas R. Moore; Joshua Almond; Daniel Crozier

8:20 AM

2aMU2. "Flute measurements in a physics of music lab"

       Randy Worland

8:40 AM

2aMU3. "An interactive audio synthesizer for investigating formants

       and timbre"

       Andrew A. Piacsek


contributed papers:

9:00 AM

2aMU4. "A carillon bell laboratory in an introductory physics of

       music class"

       Jack Dostal

9:15 AM

2aMU5. "A laboratory investigation of the effect of trumpet mouthpieces

       in an introductory musical acoustics course"

       Andrew C. Morrison




1:00 PM - 3:50 PM; CONTINENTAL 1

2pMU. Digital Musical Instruments

      Chair: Edgar Berdahl (Louisiana State University)


invited talks:

1:00 PM

2pMU1. "Interaction design and the active experience of music"

       David Wessel

1:20 PM

2pMU2. "LinnStrument and other new expressive musical controllers"

       Roger Linn

1:40 PM

2pMU3. "Sound synthesis for a brain stethoscope"

       Chris Chafe; Juan-Pablo Caceres; Michael Iorga

2:00 PM

2pMU4. "Grafting acoustic instruments and signal processing: Creative

       control and augmented expressivity"

       Dan Overholt

2:20 PM

2pMU5. "Saxophone fingering identification"

       Tamara Smyth; Marjan Rouhipour

2:40 PM

2pMU6. "The Faust Synthesis Toolkit: A set of linear and nonlinear

       physical models for the Faust programming language"

       Romain Michon

3:00 PM

2pMU7. "Drawn to sound: An audio visual musical instrument using

       custom electronics and magnetometer"

       John Granzow; Hongchan Choi


contributed talks:

3:20 PM

2pMU8. "The Stingray embedded acoustic instrument"

       Edgar J. Berdahl

3:35 PM

2pMU9. "Towards a bendable circuit model of the Casio SK-1 keyboard"

       Kurt J. Werner




9:00 AM - 11:05 AM; CONTINENTAL 1

4aMU. Acoustics of Percussion Instruments I

Chair: Thomas Moore (Rollins College)


invited talks:

9:00 AM - 9:20 AM

4aMU1. "Percussion, performance, pedagogy, and technology: The impact

       of virtual music Lessons in percussion education"

       Rohan Krishnamurthy

9:20 AM

4aMU2. "The contribution of spectrum and tempo to auditory streaming

       of simple and compound ‘bols’ in tabla rhythms"

       Punita G. Singh

9:40 AM

4aMU3. "Measurements of coupled drumhead vibrations using electronic

       speckle-pattern interferometry"

       Randy Worland; Benjamin Boe

10:00 AM

4aMU4. "Expressively actuated percussion instruments and interfaces"

       Edgar J. Berdahl


contributed talks:

10:20 AM - 10:35 AM

4aMU5. "Teponaztli, an ancient percussion instrument"

       Sergio Beristain

10:35 AM

4aMU6. "Acoustical measurements and finite difference simulation of

       the West-African 'talking drum'"

       Florian Pfeifle

10:50 AM

4aMU7. "Acoustic properties of carbon fiber in percussive instruments"

       Alex Wion; Rustin Vogt; Patrick Homen




2:00 PM - 4:30 PM; CONTINENTAL 1

4pMUa. Acoustics of Percussion Instruments II

Chair: Thomas Rossing (Stanford University)


invited talks:

2:00 PM - 2:20 PM

4pMUa1. "Modeling orchestral crotales as thin plates"

        Thomas R. Moore; Daniel W. Zietlow; Donald C. Griffin

2:20 PM

4pMUa2. "Acoustics of Western and Eastern bells, old and new"

        Thomas D. Rossing

2:40 PM

4pMUa3. "Evolution of the Hang percussion instrument and associated

        performance practices"

        David Wessel; Thomas Rossing

3:00 PM

4pMUa4. "Characterization of the mechanical properties of the steelpan"

        April Bryan; Marc Gobin; Akill Griffith; Dillon Frederick;

        Brian Copeland; Clement Imbert

3:20 PM

4pMUa5. "Rhythmic techniques and psychoacoustic effects of the

        percussion music of Steve Reich"

        Garry M. Kvistad

3:40 PM

4pMUa6. "A first look into the caxirola – official music instrument of

        the Soccer World Cup 2014"

        Talita Pozzer; Stephan Paul


contributed talks:

4:00 PM

4pMUa7. "Javanese gong wave signals"

        Matias H. Budhiantho; Gunawan Dewantoro

4:15 PM

4pMUa8. "Percussion, via transducers"

        Alex Case




5:00 PM - 6:00 PM; CONTINENTAL 1

4pMUb. Percussion Concert

Chair: Thomas Rossing (Stanford University)




10:00 AM - 12:00 PM; CONTINENTAL 1

5aMU. Computational Methods in Musical Acoustics I

Chair: Edgar Berdahl (Louisiana State University)


invited talks:

10:00 AM - 10:20 AM

5aMU1. "Computational simulation of clarinet-like models"

       William J. Strong

10:20 AM

5aMU2. "Damping in turbulent navier-stokes finite element model

       simulations of wind instruments"

       Rolf Bader

10:40 AM

5aMU3. "Bowed string simulation combining digital waveguide and

       finite-difference time-domain frameworks"

       Esteban Maestre; Carlos Spa; Julius Smith

11:00 AM

5aMU4. "A Hamiltonian approach to simulation of acoustic systems

       involving nonlinear interactions"

       Vasileios Chatziioannou; Maarten van Walstijn

11:20 AM - 11:40 AM

5aMU5. "A modal architecture for artificial reverberation"

       Jonathan S. Abel; Sean Coffin; Kyle S. Spratt

11:40 AM - 12:00 PM

5aMU6. "Real-time finite difference-based sound synthesis using

       graphics processors"

       Marc Sosnick-Perez; William Hsu




1:00 PM - 3:45 PM; CONTINENTAL 1

5pMU. Computational Methods in Musical Acoustics II

Chair(s): Edgar Berdahl (Louisiana State University)


invited talks:

1:00 PM

5pMU1. "Real-time physical models of musical instruments: Applications

       and findings"

       Florian Pfeifle; Rolf Bader

1:20 PM

5pMU2. "Embedded physical modeling synthesis in three dimensional


       Stefan Bilbao

1:40 PM

5pMU3. "Computation and simulation of frequency variations in musical

       instrument sounds"

       James W. Beauchamp


contributed talks:

2:00 PM

5pMU4. "Haptic interaction design using Synth-A-Modeler"

       Edgar J. Berdahl

2:15 PM

5pMU5. "Physical modeling of musical instruments on handheld mobile


       Gregory P. Scandalis; Julius O. Smith; Nick Porcaro

2:30 PM

5pMU6. "Spectrally accurate numerical solution of acoustic wave


       John W. Amuedo

2:45 PM

5pMU7. "The mother tongue of organ pipes -Synchronization, experiments,

       numerical simulations and model"

       Jost Fischer; Markus Abel

3:00 PM

5pMU8. "Towards a physical model of the berimbau: Obtaining the modal

       synthesis of the cabaza"

       Pablo Castellanos Macin; Julius O. Smith

3:15 PM

5pMU9. "Aural ordinary differential equations: Methods for generating

       audio from mass-spring systems"

       Andrew S. Allen

3:30 PM

5pMU10. "Modeling the free vibrations of an acoustic guitar top plate"

        Micah R. Shepherd; Stephen A. Hambric; Dennis B. Wess