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Instructor: Hoover (Fall 2006)

      • How to Write a Philosophy Paper
      • Citing Sources in a Philosophy Paper

Library Resources
The Philosophy Portal

Internet Resources (General)
     • Women's Studies Resouces: Feminist Theory
     • Philosophy and Feminist Theory (more links)
     • Feminism and Philosophy
     • Women in Philosophy (bibliography)
     • Women's Studies Database (bibliography)
     • The Feminist Majority
     • Women's International Center

 Internet Resources (Intersex)
     • Intersex Society of North America

 Internet Resources (Androgyny)
    •  Androgyny and Gender Dialectics

 Additional Readings (Intersex)
    •  Martha Coventry, "Making the Cut"
    •  Simon LeVay,  "Male, Female, Other"

 Additional Readings (Androgyny)
    •  Trebilcot, "Two Forms of Androgynism"
    •  a short bibliography
 Additional Readings (Socialist Feminsm)
    •  Jaggar, "The Politics of Socialist Feminism"

 Additional Readings (Ecofeminism)
    •  King, "Healing the Wounds: Feminism, Ecology, and Nature/Culture Dualism"
 Additional Readings (Anarcho-feminism)
    •  Addelson, Ackelsberg, Pyne, "Anarchism and Feminism"

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