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      On-Line Secondary Readings: Postmodernism in Overview
David West, "Postmodernism" (on-line)
David Harvey, "Modernity and Modernism"; Postmodernism" (on-line)
Philip Cooke, "The Question of Postmodernity" (on-line)

     Library Reserve Materials: Postmodernism in Overview

Connor, Steven. Postmodernist Culture
Docherty, Thomas, ed. Postmodernism: A Reader
Federman, Raymond, ed. Surfiction: Fiction Now...and Tomorrow
Harvey, David.  The Condition of Postmodernity
Hutcheon, Linda.  The Politics of Postmodernism
Jencks, Charles.  The Post-Modern Reader
Natoli, J. and Hutcheon, L., eds.  A Postmodern Reader
Waugh, Patricia.  Postmodernism: A Reader

     Library Reserve Materials: Art and Architecture

Ferguson, Russell, ed. At The End of the Century: One Hundred Years of Architecture
Ghirardo, Diane.  Architecture After Modernism
Jencks, Charles.  The Language of Postmodern Architecture
Jencks, Charles.  Postmodernism: The New Classicism in Art and Architecture
Klotz, Heinrich.  The History of Postmodern Architecture
Papadakis, Andreas, ed. Postmodernism on Trial

     Library Reserve Materials: Derrida

Bressler, Charles.  "Deconstruction"
Culler, Jonathon.  "Jacques Derrida"
Grosz, Elizabeth.  "Derrida and Deconstruction"
Kearney, Richard.  "Jacques Derrida"
West, David.  "Derrida's Deconstruction of Western Metaphysics"

     Library Reserve Materials: Foucault

Ryan, Alan.  "Foucault's Life and Hard Times"
Smart, Barry.  "Michel Foucault"
Grosz, Elizabeth.  "Foucault's Analytics of Power"

     Library Reserve Materials: Lyotard

Connor, Steven.  "Jean-Francois Lyotard"
Sarup, Madan.  "Lyotard and Postmodernism"

     Library Reserve Materials: Rorty

Welton, Katherine.  "Richard Rorty: Postmodernism and a Pragmatic Defense of Democracy"
Bernstein, Richard.  "Rorty's Liberal Utopia"
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