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Instructor: Hoover (Spring 2008)

PowerPoint Presentations
    • Aristotelian-Ptolemaic Cosmology
    • Early Humanism in Art
Renaissance Architecture
    • Renaissance Art

Image Galleries
     • Perrig, "Painting and Sculpture in the Late Middle Ages"
     • Goldstein, Dawn of Modern Science
     • Creation Image (detail) from Basilica of St. Francis, Assisi

Secondary Literature (found in two-hour reserve in Steward Memorial Library):
    •  Toman, Rolf.  The Art of Italian Renaissance
    •  Tofani, Annamarie,    Italian Painting: Uffizi Gallery
    •  Woods, Kim.   Making Renaissance Art
    •  Adams, Laurie Schneider.   Italian Renaissance Art
    •  Hartt, Frederick,   History of Italian Renaissance Art

Guides to Paper-writing

     • Citing Sources--MLA style

Library Resources
The Philosophy Portal

General Philosophy Links
      • Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
      • Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
      • A Dictionary of Philosophy
      • Epistemelinks
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