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Coe College Baroque Chamber Ensemble



The presentations of the Coe College Baroque Chamber Ensemble (voice, harpsichord, and cello) have enabled thousands of listeners to enjoy sacred music of the Baroque Period. The music ranges from the dawn of the Baroque age in the lute songs of Dowland and Campion to the era's culmination in the works of J. S. Bach.

The ensemble's repertoire highlights the features of Baroque music: brilliant, virtuosic, dramatic, introspective. Programs would typically include compositions by the following composers:

  • Motets by Monteverdi and Vivaldi
  • Songs by Campion, Dowland and Purcell
  • Cantata movements by Scarlatti, Schutz, Handel, and J. S. Bach

The versatility of the ensemble enables it to participate in worship services, present formal concerts, or follow the more informal format of a lecture/recital.

While the ensemble's performance needs are minimal, the members appreciate financial reimbursement for performances if host organizations can assist with expenses.
Performing together since 1978, the Baroque Ensemble has appeared on many local arts series in Iowa communities under the auspices of the Iowa Arts Council. They have also performed in Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Indiana, Michigan and South Dakota.
Coe College Harpsichord

The instrument was made by Margaret Hood of Platteville, Wisconsin. It is in the Flemish style and has two 8' registers. The soundboard is decorated with flowers native to Iowa and Wisconsin. The lid mural is a typical Flemish landscape; in the distance is a view, taken from contemporary paintings and drawings, of the city of Amersfoort as it appeared in the 17th century.

For more information about the Coe College Baroque Chamber Ensemble please contact:

Margie V. Marrs
Music Department
Coe College
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402
Office Phone: (319) 399-8604
Email Address: mmarrs@coe.edu