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Research Interests

Eastern Iowa Watersheds

Water Quality of Eastern Iowa Watersheds

  • For the past twelve summers, student researchers have sampled and analyzed waters from 10 streams in the Cedar River watershed. In general, we are attempting to better understand the sources, sinks, and flows of nutrients in these waterways. We are also exploring remediation methods for excess nutrient inputs into these streams.  This work has been funded by the City of Cedar Rapids Water Department and by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. A presentation on this work can be found at the IDNR-Water Quality Monitoring web site. A fact sheet published by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources also has a nice summary of our early work. 

Reactivity of Reduced Iron 

  • This is a collaborative project with Professor Michelle Scherer of the University of Iowa’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Reduced iron (both Fe(II) and Fe(0)) plays important roles in both remediation and geochemistry.  Of particular interest is exploring the effect of particle size and crystallinity down to the "nano" level. 
  • I am also interested in incorporating electrochemical techniques more widely in the undergraduate chemistry curriculum. For more information, see my website Electrochemical Education.