Whither Little Path

   and Other Authentic Folk Songs
    from the Czech and Slovak Republics  

Arranged and translated by Alma Turechek

    isbn 0-889678-04-X
    viii, 43 pages, comb-bound, $12.95
Copyright © 1999 by Alma Turechek

Thirty-one songs arranged for piano and voice, with English lyrics. Original Czech lyrics also included.

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Alma Turechek says in her Foreword:

With this new edition of Whither Little Path, there now exists a collection of Czech songs that I compiled and arranged for educational purposes.

Most of these pieces are small binary forms in major keys and most often in 3/4 time. They show the Czech's love of nature by frequent references to it. The songs have simple accompaniments to preserve the folk element. The melody is frequently incorporated into the accompaniment to facilitate group singing.

The songs have been familiar to me since childhood. We sang them often around the home, at family gatherings, at neighborhood picnics, and at holiday celebrations.

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