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Preface & Acknowledgments


Notes on this Edition
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Chapter One

Chapter Two
Horror in Literature and the Literature of Horror

Chapter Three
The Marvelous Horror Thriller

Chapter Four
The Fantastic/Uncanny Horror Thriller

Chapter Five
The Aesthetics of the Horror Thriller: Stoker's Dracula 

Chapter Six 
The Pure Fantastic Tale of Terror

Chapter Seven 
Anticlosure: Poe's "Ligeia"

Chapter Eight
The Entrapped Critic:
Poe's "The Fall of the House of Usher"

Chapter Nine
The Master's Trap:
James's The Turn of the Screw

Chapter Ten
Escape: An Aesthetics of Terror Fantasy

Chapter Eleven
Terror and the Sublime

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University of Illinois Press 
Urbana and Chicago 
Copyright (c) Terry Heller 
1987, 2002 
Notes on this Internet Edition.
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- In most respects this text is identical to that in the original University of Illinois Press edition. 

- Where I have found typographical errors in the text of the book, I have corrected these and indicated the original language in brackets. 

- The two figures are located in separate files, with links from the text when they are useful.  While this may not be the handiest arrangement, the reader can fairly easily move back and forth between text and figures by using "Back" or the links provided. 

- The index has become merely a list.  The reader may use "Find" in the browser to locate specific references. 

- If you have corrections or other suggestions, please feel free to contact: theller@coe.edu. 

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Users should feel free to print personal copies and to quote from this text.  For permission to reprint in multiple copies in any form or for any commercial purpose contact: 
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Note on the Author

Terry Heller is Howard Hall Professor of English at Coe College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. His Ph.D. is from the University of Chicago. He is the author of Bewildered Vision: The Turn of the Screw and editor of the Oxford Classics edition of Sarah Orne Jewett, The Country of the Pointed Firs.  His essays have appeared in Arizona Quarterly, Gothic, Thalia, Mississippi Quarterly, Colby Quarterly, and Legacy.  He maintains the Sarah Orne Jewett Text Project, a web archive of Jewett's works.