Fantasticoe Fall 2004

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What's Your Name?

Danny Arroyo



      The young and stunning Adonis slowly strolls into club 357 standing about six foot eight, with his decked out gear: sparkling diamond earrings, glasses trimmed with diamond crystals, platinum teeth, and a chain about the size of Texas. His chain is so shiny that it blinds anyone who looks directly at it. The diamond stud in his right earlobe, radiating from its nest is amazing people stare as he searches the scene for his next victim. He walks with a lean; he is so cool that the beat of the music moves to him. The club was thumping with the latest rap music. Smoke filled the air, but not enough to make you nauseous. The men in the club were dressed in their best clothes, and the women were dressed in their most scandalous outfits. He walks up to the bar and orders everything and then it happens. (Freeze!!!) He spots her out of the corner of his eye. Everyone disappears as he locks her in and attacks. She is a tall, thin, and sexy firecracker. She is wearing a tight little red dress with slits down the side of it. Her fire red hair hangs down to her hips, hypnotizing a man with every strand. She is decked out in her own gear: Diamond earrings almost as big as the player's, rings that gleamed even in the dark.

      "Hey babe, how you doing, huh?" asks the player.

      "Ha, don't you come at me with those weak ass lines," snaps the young girl.

      The player quickly retreats to rethink his strategy and lick his wounds. Five minutes later the player attacks again.

      "Hi, I'm sorry I came up to you like that all disrespectful, you're a lady so I should treat you like one," pleaded the player.

      "What are you some kind of loser? Get away from me, you nerd," laughs the young girl. "I'm just kidding what is your name?" asks the young girl.

      "Snooky Geeves," murmurs the Adonis.

      "Snooky Geeves are you serious?" replies the young lady.

      "Yea, my mom was an artist and my dad was a crack head so you know who named me," Snooky joking around.

      "So why me?" ask the young girl.

      "From the second I saw you I knew we were meant to be to your last moment on this planetů I mean our last moment on this planet," gazing into her eyes.

      "Okay Rico Suave, lets save that for the second date, ok?" scolding Snooky.

      "So can I have your number?" inquires Snooky.

      "Well are you going to call me? Wait, don't you want my name?" yells the girl.

      "Oh yea, I'm sorry, I was caught up in your beauty I must have forgotten to ask what is it," whispers Snooky.

      "My name is Cookie, you like it?" smiled Cookie.

      "Yea it sounds pretty. Well, I guess I'll talk to you later ok? Bye," smiles Snooky.

      So later that week, they spent every hour, minute, second with each other. Snooky would pick her up, drop her off, and do everything in between for her. He wined and dined her, treated her like a queen; at that moment he seemed "legit." That one moment happened was a night while they were out. To their surprise, they encountered a waiter who was an Ex-boyfriend of Cookie while they were at a restaurant.

      "I wouldn't expect to see you in a place like this," snapped the Ex.

      "Why don't you just get me my water" shot back Cookie.

      "I'm sorry I didn't mean to be rude, you know I play around a lot, don't remember all the fun we had," smiled the Ex.

      The Ex got into the past concerning their relationship and Cookie didn't see that as a problem, but Snooky saw it as a major problem.

      "Hey why don't you just get our food and stay out of OUR date," yelled Snooky.

      "Why don't you make me? You think you're tough shit? Do something!" yelled the Ex.

      As soon as the Ex finished talking, Snooky took a chair from another table and threw it at the Ex. After that, everything went into slow motion. Cookie was trying to pry Snooky off of her Ex. Bread sticks and the house special went flying everywhere, as people started to flee the scene the police were arriving. At the end of the night, the Ex was in an ambulance covered in blood and Snooky was in the back of a paddy wagon covered in ketchup and marinara sauce, with broken glass everywhere. The scene disintegrated. Cookie was irate with both of their behaviors, when finally she woke up after being hit by a flying chair that missed her Ex. When Snooky finally made bail he went straight to Cookie's place and pleaded for her forgiveness. He bought flowers, candy, cards, stuffed animals. You name it he bought it, but no matter what he did she didn't want any part of it. So it seemed like he just gave up; he stopped calling her, stopped sending her flowers, and cards. The only thing he did was sit outside her house in his car and just wait. Wearing the same dirty black hooded sweatshirt. Seeing him day after day in the same shirt and long shaggy beard was terrifying. He was there when she went to work and when she came home. He was there just waiting and watching.

      One day, Cookie did the unthinkable and called the cops. As the sirens got closer, Snooky started up his car and took off. Cookie thought she was safe. The next morning she looked out her front window and saw nothing. She crept out of her door and smelled the sweet scent of freedom. That was the way it would be for the next couple of weeks. Until one morning she walked out of her front door and stepped on a bag. She picked it up and saw a doll inside, holding a baby's bottle. Inside the bottle was a letter that read: WE NEED TO TALK. Cookie was so horrified that she ran inside and called the cops, but the cops said they couldn't do anything for her. So she went to work and forgot all about the doll and bottle. When she arrived back home she walked in and the doll wasn't there any more. She looked in the kitchen, outside in the trash, and nothing was found. Freaked out by this, she ran upstairs and went to go get her gun. When she reached into her closest she was stopped by a fist and boom. She was out. The next thing she saw was Snooky tying her to a chair and pulling out the lighter fluid. Stilled dazed, she started to wiggle out of the rope, but Snooky just made the knots tighter. While Cookie begs for her life, Snooky drowns her with lighter fluid. He stands in front of her and says,

      "If I can't have you nobody can, you hear me? No one, if not me then nobody will," roared Snooky.

      "Please don't, I'm sorry," yelled Cookie.

      "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, please Cookie don't give up you'll pull through," cried Snooky.

      The scene disappears and the fog starts to lift, as Cookie      starts to look around the first thing Cookie sees is Snooky standing over her in a hospital room. The police are standing around the couple as Snooky begs for forgiveness.

      "Wha, what's going on? Where am I, Snooky what happened," asked Cookie.

      "I'm sorry babe I never meant to hit you with that chair, I accidentally hit you with a chair I threw at your Ex. We took you to a hospital and they said you were in a coma," cried Snooky.

      I'm ok babe, I just had the weirdest dream that you went crazy and turned on me," uttered Cookie.

      "No, never Cookie, I love you with all my heart and I know I acted like a jerk. It won't happen again," sobbed Snooky.

      "It's ok babe. As long as we're ok then everything is fine," calming down Snooky.

      "You're not mad then?" asked Snooky.

      "Nope, just make sure it doesn't happen again and one last thing, don't go crazy and stalk me ok," cautiously joked Cookie.

      "Naw babe, you're mine and only mine. I know how to treat my women," smiled Snooky.

       I am very grateful to have been taught by the great Terry Heller. I have furthered my skills in writing, and it is going to help me achieve my goal of being a journalist. I also want to acknowledge my classmates that have given so much advice and help when it came to revising my papers.