Fall 2004

Stories from
Introduction to Creative Writing
Fantasy -- Fall 2004

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What's Your Name?
Danny Arroyo

The Apprentice
Alonso Avila

Truth and Reconciliation
Brett Blofield

The Gifts of the Water Spirit
Jessica Fraghia

Beautiful Music
Sarah Jarmon

The Angel from My Nightmare
Evan Jones

The Pterodactyls Return
Chris Kehe

Isabella and the Enchanted Everything
Jacqueline Kimm


The Jackal
Melissa Mickael

The Other Side
Erica Nuss

The Day that I Die
Liz Sager

Sweet Revenge
Vivek Shrestha

The Last Time There
Would Be Any Mystery
Aaron Stroschein

Confidence  Cap
Jeff Weisenborn

Cool Green Eyes
Valerie Zaric



Though each story received copy-editing suggestions from fellow students; the authors are ultimately responsible for the editing of their manuscripts. It is possible, however, that errors were introduced during computer manipulation to produce this web-document.

The god is adapted from Richard Huber, Treasury of Fantastic and Mythological Creatures;  New York:Dover, 1981, p. 2.

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