Fantasticoe Fall 2004

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The Pterodactyls Return

      Chris Kehe


      Jim's windows went black. He set his coffee mug down on his kitchen table ever so carefully. He left the table, with the Register's headline spread out: "Pterodactyls Return: Des Moines becomes Jurassic Park." When he drew back his white drapes, he saw that his view was blocked by actual blackness, the iridescent blackness of dark multicolored fibers in motion. The blackness had an odd shine to it. What was it?

      Then there was a saucer, a gleaming jet black beneath its surface. The darkness backed away from the window and that's when he saw what it was. It was an eye; a gigantic eye! And then, in a blaze, something like a giant horn crashed through his 20th story window, smashing him back into his kitchen counter. He hit the kitchen counter knocking over his toaster and dishes that lay atop the counter. The horn-no, wait-it was a beak, a gigantic beak! The beak now opened and grasped his kitchen table, jerking it around, sending everything in the kitchen into a clutter.

      Jim slid under the table and ran frantically outside his room to safety. He was met by many other scared civilians standing in the lobby on their floor. "What in the hell was that thing?" cried one very startled older man. "I have no idea," stated a worried middle-aged woman. The crisis had begun. The Pterodactyls had returned, and this time they weren't going anywhere!


      "Everyone get into a safe shelter, Dinosaurs are no longer extinct," stated channel seven anchor man, Roy Jones. "You aren't safe anywhere, these beasts lurk above our city and plan on taking over. I repeat, seek a safe shelter immediately. Reports show that there are around twenty of these beasts circling around our city. Their size is comparable to three times that of a normal semi-truck." Jim's cousin, Ted, was in disbelief-along with the other thousands of people of Des Moines. "How did the dinosaurs all of a sudden become un-extinct?" Ted leaned back in his lazy boy and put his hands behind his head as if nothing was happening. "What is this world coming to?"

      Not more than twenty seconds later the skyscraper full of apartments next to him was blown up. It was as if a bomb had just been thrown into the building. Ted sprang out of his lazy boy and peered out his tenth story window. When his eyes finally spotted the ground he noticed one giant slimy, white spot on the ground.

      "What is that?" said the ever-so-shocked Ted. Later he found out exactly what it was. A giant Pterodactyl had smothered the skyscraper with one giant load of feces; oozing down the sides of the skyscraper-the feces trapped everyone inside. After much help everyone luckily got out of the skyscraper-but not without feces dripping off of them as well.

       It had now been only fourteen days since the Pterodactyls graced planet Earth with their presence once again. Panic filled buildings across the city. People were starving since they could no longer go outside. All of the food in peoples' apartments soon ran out. No one dared go out into the Pterodactyls eating grounds. Camera men and reporters alike were the only to dare. It was their job to report the news. So that was the task they tried to do. Report the where a bouts and news on where the Pterodactyls were.

      Reporters and camera men were seen as worms to the giant Pterodactyls. Anytime they would set foot outdoors Pterodactyls came swooping with their giant beaks looking to eat them as if they were a main course meal. As time and hunger progressed people couldn't handle living inside.

      Jim was getting skinnier every day. Maybe the scale didn't always say so, but he could feel it. He pinched the flabby skin of his stomach. Surely it had been once been larger than this, he thought, as he squeezed his excess fat so gently. Jim now glanced at the mirror and stared at himself. There was nothing there but skin and bones. It was a travesty. Earlier in the day he had even caught himself eyeing his pet hamster. The damn birds had forced him to this, to the point of starvation, where he would almost do anything for food.

       Jim then walked over to his phone and called his cousin Ted to see if he was still alive. "Ted, this is Jim, I'm making a run for it," stated the now starving Jim.

      "Don't do it buddy, just give the government more time to control these beasts," said a worried Ted.

      "Nope, I have to get food. I get weaker as the days go on; no Pterodactyl is going to stop me." Ted couldn't let his cousin go by himself so he decided to go with him. That next day the two men made a run for it. Both of them were pretty much crazy. But they were confident in getting food and saving each other from starvation.

      Thrusting out the main entrance of his building Ted made a mad dash to his car. His 1999 Grand Am never looked so good to him. He hopped in and started her up. Accelerating immediately Ted drove down to Jims building. He picked Jim up and they darted for the local Hy-Vee.

      On the way to the local Hy-Vee a giant Pterodactyl swooped at their car. Swerving uncontrollably Ted dodged the Pterodactyl. However, in the process he smashed his beautiful Grand Am into a parked car. They were now running short on options. They could sit in the car and wait to be eaten, or run the last six blocks to Hy-Vee. They decided to get out and sprint towards the Hy-Vee. "Hurry up Ted," stated the more in-shape Jim.

       "I am trying, these old legs can only move so fast Jim!" replied the exhausted Ted. Luckily, they finally made it to Hy-Vee.

      When they walked through the doors many hunger infested eyes glared back at him. "Hey everybody; um is there any food for me and my starving cousin here?" stated the exhausted and very hungry Ted.

      "I'm, I'm afraid not sir. We all came for food too. It's all gone.

      "Damn these birds, I'll be damned if they are going to take over our city. Now let's do something about it," stated the now ferocious Jim. "Now who's with me?"

      The eyes all glared back at him with a slight ray of hope. So then they all devised a plan. After much hard thinking, Troop Hy-Vee (as they now called themselves) decided to make a mad dash for the fisherman's wharf and find the biggest nets they could find and try to lasso the birds into the nets. Amazingly, out of the three hundred people that made up Troop Hy-Vee, two hundred and fifty of them made it without being eaten.

      Finally locating the large nets, Troop Hy-Vee positioned themselves according to plan. Jim sacrificed himself and jumped into the ice-cold water to get one of the Pterodactyls attention. When a Pterodactyl finally came to eat John, the other members of Troop Hy-Vee tried to throw a huge net onto the back of the Pterodactyl. The gigantic bird swooped around the net. These nets were no challenge to the Pterodactyl. Gliding through the air the Pterodactyl swooped back at Troop Hy-Vee once again, this time opening its large beak and corralling over fifty humans at once. Troop Hy-Vee's squad was getting smaller by the minute.

      Thinking that they were all going to die, Troop Hy-Vee members scattered in all directions. Ted and Jim stayed together to try and help each other survive. This didn't last for long as they were engulfed as they ran down thirty-second street. Our potential heroes were now dead. Then out of no where a rush of air made everyone outside fall to the ground. Where did the sudden gust of wind come from? From our fighter jets of course! The government had finally gotten the Air Force ready to go. Equipped with bombs the Pterodactyls were now doomed. Or were they?

      For days the jets tried bombing the birds. It was of no use. The Pterodactyls were much too quick for the jets. Instead of hitting the birds, the bombs hit skyscrapers and other buildings. The city of Des Moines was doomed. No longer could we control our civilized world and the happenings around us.

      In the years to come the Pterodactyls would mark the ending of man-kind. City by city, state by state, nation by nation; these creatures took back the land that was once theirs. This started the whole cycle of mankind and evolution in a whirlwind. Mankind as we knew it slowly became extinct once again. The Pterodactyls however; were extinct no more.