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 Isabella and the Enchanted Everything

      Jacqueline Kimm 

      Once upon a time there was a girl named Isabella, who lived in the Dark Forest. She had blonde hair like gold, and had a beautiful smile. Isabella was a servant in the Dark Forest and was not aloud to go outside of the forest walls. She had no friends, for she was a servant girl in the dark forest and everything around was evil. She was not able to get out of the dark forest unless she married a prince and a whole bunch of other guidelines to follow in order to be released. The most important one was that a prince was the one who had to marry her and take her away to his castle. Isabella was born in the kingdom to the wealthiest family; the King and Queen. So it all started when Isabella's parents went to the royal court and left Isabella home with a babysitter. At the time Isabella was only six months old. The babysitter turned out to be an evil wizard collecting babies and very young children to become servants in the Dark Forest. Well his plan failed when he was in the middle of taking a child he was then caught and taken away to the jail. Because he was a wizard once the guards fell asleep, he snapped his fingers, and he was back in the Dark Forest. He decided that this six month old baby girl will be the only servant, and would live her entire life there in the forest unless she were to marry a prince.

      Well Isabella grew up not knowing who her family was and why she was living in the Dark Forest. She just didn't think she fit in, but she dare not try to escape, or she would get whipped. She grew up not doing anything a normal girl would do such as help her mother out with dinner, find a husband etc. Instead she was the one cooking, cleaning, and doing all of the chores around a family's cottage. She never disobeyed the family, and didn't want to find out what would happen if she did. Isabella was a moderately shy girl, and didn't say much out loud, but there was an awful lot going on in her mind and imagination. The day the prince was lost, Isabella would finally be able to get out of the wretched Dark Forest. It was a wonderful dark and gloomy day and the forest had a thick layer of fog running through it.

      That very same day the prince of the next kingdom over was lost and found him self in the middle of the Dark Forest. He hoped and prayed that he would find someone to lead him out of the forest safely unharmed. But what he didn't expect was that there was a beautiful girl that lived in the Dark Forest and he was just the right man to break the curse and she would be the one to lead him back home. So on this very same day, Isabella went to go get fresh water from the spring in the heart of the Dark Forest. The heart of the Dark Forest was the only place where sunlight shown through. It was Isabella's most favorite place to go, for she did not enjoy living in darkness. As she knelt down to scoop water into the bucket she was splashed in the face. There was a horse standing in front of her and with a somewhat disgusted expression on her face, she slowly got to her feet. She saw a man that was on the horse and said hello and quickly turned away to go back to the cottage. Just then the man tried to stop her by saying,

      "Beautiful girl, please stop as I have something to ask you!"

      Isabella kept walking away.

      "Please, come back or I will be forced to follow you."

      Isabella kept walking.

      "You leave me no choice," said the man.

      Isabella kept walking for a few more steps and then turned around to see where the man and his horse were. He was right behind her.

      "Beautiful girl, please let me speak to you, as when I first saw your face, I was stunned at your beauty".

      "Okay I will speak, but only for a short while, for I am only a servant girl and I am expected to return promptly."

      "You do not wish to speak to me," said the man.

      "Yes, I mean no. I do wish to speak to you sir"

      "Well, I was wondering if you know the way out of the dark forest, for I am lost and need to get back to the castle," said the man.

      "Your castle" Isabella asked?

      "Yes, you see I am to be meeting my father, and it would seem I am a bit lost. Will you show me the way?"

      "Yes sir of course!"

      Isabella started to lead the horse but then the man got off the horse and said,

      "You do not need to walk, let me walk and you ride."

      "That is very kind of you sir, thank you".

      So Isabella got on the horse with help from the man.

      "Are you the prince?" asked Isabella.

      "Yes, I am, but you can call me John"

      Isabella was very happy that she found the prince, because she liked him very much but was shy. She had dreamed of this day for years and now finally the curse could be broken, but she cared for the family she served to the slightest bit because that was the only family she knew. But, she really wanted to get out of the Dark Forest. As she was thinking of this, Isabella was leading them deeper into the forest not knowing her way out, and got them completely lost. She had never been outside of the forest, and was told she could not leave. Because she had never attempted to escape the Dark Forest, she just assumed that she would be imprisoned here for the rest of her life. Her chance to escape would end on the day she turned nineteen years old, and that day was fast approaching. There was only three days left until her nineteenth birthday. She was never told why she was stuck in the Dark Forest but at the moment she had more important eggs to fry, she had to marry the prince and soon. Well here was her only chance at leaving the dark forest and she was going to take advantage of it. The prince then asked Isabella,

      "Are you sure this is the way out of the forest"?

      "Well I've never been outside of the forest so I am not sure."

      The prince was not very happy, but didn't show it for he was entranced with her beauty. Isabella got off of the horse and said to the prince.

      "Your Highness, I am so sorry I have gotten us lost."

      "LOST? What do you mean lost? You were just riding the horse not knowing where you were going," asked the prince?

      "Yes, but I have a very good explanation for it. You see, when I was sent to live in this forest, I was told that the only way I could leave the dark forest was if I married a prince. They didn't say which prince, they just said a prince. So this is why I was letting the horse graze around the forest, so we would get lost and spend more time together," Isabella explained.

      Well the prince was now okay with it for he had fallen for Isabella and would go along with her, and marry her.

      "Is a proper engagement satisfactory, or do you have to legally married to leave?" the prince asked.

      "I actually have to be married inside the forest before I can leave. That is one of the fine-print rules."

      "Okay I think I can do that. We can get married right now" said the prince, "but then we will have a big wedding in the castle with the royal court there. It will be magical".

      So Isabella agreed upon a wedding as soon as possible because she dreaded staying the dark forest as a servant the rest of her life. This was such a great day and Isabella was never going to forget it.

      "I have to go back and tell the family of whom I'm a servant of. They won't be pleased but I will find them another servant," said Isabella.

      "Okay, do you know your way back to the cottage?" the prince asked.

      "Yes, because I will just follow the smoke that is rising out of the woods. The smoke is the only way I find my way home each day I walk to the cottage."

      They found their way back to the cottage. Isabella introduced the prince to the family, for they would only allow her to marry a prince. The family was not pleased with Isabella's decision but gave them their blessings. The family called the Dark Wizard and he performed the wedding ceremony. He waved his wand and in an instant they were turned into husband and wife, legally united by the Dark Forest' laws.

      They didn't know the way out of the forest but the Dark Wizard zapped them to the outer wall because there were guards lining the edge of the forest so no one could escape. The prince was very happy that he had found his one true love and also helped her get out of the dark forest.

      "I am so happy to be out of the forest" said Isabella. "The countryside is so beautiful. I can't believe my eyes. Everything is so green and the flowers are all in bloom. Now, don't we need to give the happy news to the royal family?"

      "Yes we will begin at once," said the prince.

      So they began their day's journey to the castle. They talked about anything and everything. They reached the castle and the prince immediately went to his father and mother and announced that he had found a wife of his dreams, and there should be a wedding at once. The queen mother was so happy for her son John and the King was not pleased at all; for he did not think that prince John was ready to handle the kingdom by his self.

      The queen mother took Isabella and all the royal maids and began measuring Isabella for her dress. It took all day for the dress to be made because the dress had to be perfect. The dress was made of satin and lace with pearls and gold in an elegant design.

      "This dress is the most beautiful dress I've ever seen and you are the most beautiful bride Isabella," said the queen mother.

      "Thank you your majesty," Isabella gracefully.

      "Oh dear, you don't have to call me your highness, call me mother".

      "Okay mother."

      The invitations were sent out to everyone in the kingdom instead of just the royal courts, to every servant and everyone in every class and stature of society. All was in attendance. Isabella and the prince were married and lived happily ever after.

      I'd like to thank a number of people who helped me edit my story. With out them, this story would be confusing, and sound really bad. I'd like to thank Terry Heller for reading over this story, and not just this story but all of my stories I've written in the class. I'd like to thank all of my Creative Writing class mates who spent time to read through it and give their opinion on the story and how good or bad it was. I'd also like to thank them for giving me suggestions on how to change it so it would make more sense to the readers. I'd like to thank my small editing group for reading it aloud so I could hear what it sounded like and so I could find errors and correct them. If I didn't have that small group, there is no way I would have found all of the errors, and run on sentences. Thanks everyone.